Spiritual road blocks are things that hinder our miracles from being delivered to us, this message will open your eyes and prepare you for a successful 2016, these are things that keep you moving in a circle for too long, enough is enough, its time to breakout,

1)Soul ties: When you have sexual sin or a blood pact with somebody you form a soul tie, your soul becomes one with their soul and their problems and demons becomes yours, at times you promise someone that you will marry them and come into agreement and then you disappoint them and run to someone else, this also can cause delay and disappointments in your life, ( 1 Cor 6:16)

2) Unforgiveness: when you offend people you need to ask for forgiveness, you also need to forgive those who have offended you, if someone has something against you it can hinder your miracles, if you don’t forgive people your miracles could also be hindered, God doesn’t accept offerings from people who offend others and refuse to ask for their forgiveness, ( Mathew 5:21–6 & 6:14–15)

3)Speaking against true men of God or fighting True churches: hindrances and sickness often fall upon those who fight men of God or churches, those who attack anointed servants of God often fall into serious problems with God, when you fight them you fight God, their anointing could work against you, the hand of God could come against you, (Numbers 12:1–13, Psalm 105:15)

4) Keeping evil things in your house: things that come from witch doctors could hinder your blessings, moving with pornographic materials in your phone is dangerous to your spiritual life, having satanic paintings or anything that attract demons could hinder your prosperity (Deut 7:26)

Bro JP Mbulai. Twitter:@JPapostle