Beauty and meaning

In the midst of the sunsets and the sunrise, 
In the midst of purple skies tainted and speckled, 
Of reds and blues, in between them all the hues. 
Even darkness has shades.

Amidst soft whispers, the chirping and the shivers, 
The thread of your life interwoven with others, 
Seven billion and counting, this huge tapestry,
of life keeps yearning, for itself.

Beauty and meaning, find both.

And beauty not in a set of proportions, 
of the eye or face, in stature, built or grace, 
that the eye can see and say, to your mind 
“Here’s a fine specimen, behold!”

Can you see beauty in eyes that grow dim, 
In the wilting of form, shape and will, 
In the midst of the things life has given you, and more, 
When this world has deep and dark injustice and also abundances galore.
Tell me, should one always see, the bottle half full or half empty? 
You can choose to think from both sides, and it’s necessary, 
it’s easy when you really want to.

For there is beauty in meaning, that words cannot ascribe. 
The depths of the human soul, that syllables cannot render.
Those deep waters, that we mortals are privy to behold.
In the midst of the darkness, and it’s silence, tender; 
Seek ye, the light.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

And a voice broke the silence, 
“Just how important is the illusion of beauty?” 
“I’m a little groggy, I need some coffee.
To answer your question, yes and no, maybe.”
I retorted to tease, to bring out a few more threads of meaning.
But then, I knew the question and the context.

Well it depends, what is the beauty that one can see…
You mean in a lover… You mean physical beauty?
Well, maybe important enough to trigger the carnal senses at the outset. 
But is it enough to anchor the tilting human heart? 
Strangely set a little aloof from symmetry?

Is this physical heart the thing that seeks love? 
No doubt, one feels pain and a plethora of emotions
and we say it is the seat of feelings. 
But is it where these feelings reside?

Science says, maybe it’s a feedback loop, 
from the brain for emotional processing and 
hormonal exchanges to keep the blood pumping 
Just at the right pace.

To flee, to fight, to work, to procreate, 
To participate. In humanity’s activities. 
Emotions are the expression, 
the solution of a well tuned 
optimization algorithm, 
for the body’s gearbox and pump 
situated at the center of the torso. 
And maybe, why not so?

But then, you, speak about the symbolic heart. 
And it is quite peculiar, to say the least, 
this little box that beats, 
and yet acts more like a rudder?

As the lore goes, maybe God had at first created it straight, 
And when He removed a rib to make the woman, 
the upright heart correspondingly swayed to the side
maybe that’s why we’re all a little bent somehow!
But, of course, I diverge.

They say, what’s inside shows up on the outside too. 
And thus, the stories of our lives seem to revolve, 
around finding love and solace in people and places, 
in possessions and experiences, of bodies and faces.

In the magnitude of the wins, 
In being statistically significant. 
Say what? Yes. Exactly that.

Being above average, being able to afford possibilities,
possibilities that are still tied to comparisons. 
A ‘good-looking’ partner, great kids, 
name and fame, guns and glory, wealth,
expressions of power, potential and self worth.

In pre-supposed notions of freedoms, 
when you, my friend are truly not free, 
you cannot break yourself out of humanity. 
You are limited by biology, 
to understand the world and see,
shaped by the two jelly filled light sensors
that you call eyes, 
and your other peripherals which allow you 
to taste a little bit of truth and logic. 
Yet, your subjective truth. 
For a small timeline in this current state of human society.
No doubt we lean on and yearn for this truth, 
much like moths seeking the flame.

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