Collect the dots before you connect the dots.

Truth is, nobody understands life. 
Not even the old and wise, you learn to be happy for the good things and strong for the bad things. All of it doesn’t make sense in one go.

Some questions don’t have answers. 
Some questions, though they have answers, can never be answered.

And these questions leave small gaps in the mind, but there’s no point in staying there. You’ve got to keep moving forward.

Some things do make sense but much later. When life gives you dots, and then one day, you are able to connect those dots together.

Stay happy, by choice. Choose to smile, even when it hurts, for no one else but you. 
Find joy! Even if in the smallest of things. That’s where strength comes from. 
Count your blessings. That’s where gratitude comes from. Both of these can lift your spirit!

You’ve got to give time to collect the dots before you connect the dots. Till then, be a blessing!

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