The Truth about Hezbollah: What the main stream media doesn’t want U.S. Citizens and Christians to know.

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Jun 1, 2017 · 8 min read

Middle East politics are often difficult to understand for the American public. There is a language barrier, a cultural barrier, and the media filter in which they get their news.

Most Americans just want the truth. They want to know what’s really going on over there, and especially why terrorist attacks keep happening in Europe, and in the United States. It’s been 16 years since September 11th and things haven’t gotten better. They’ve gotten worse, and part of that problem is the lies that are being told to the American public.

If there is a lack of honesty, then how can you know the truth? How can you ever hope to solve the problem if no one is being honest about it? The simple answer is... you can’t, and you won’t.

Hezbollah is one of the topics that the United States public is constantly being lied to about, and in this article I will do my best to explain why Hezbollah is very different from Al Qaeda / ISIS / Boko Haram and other recognized terrorist groups.

Hezbollah is a Shia militia formed in 1985 as a spin-off of the Amal Party in Southern Lebanon. The group did not exist before 1985, and this is an important fact that is often concealed from the American public.

The reason that the date of 1985 is of significance is because of its importance in understanding the events that were happening BEFORE Hezbollah’s creation.

In 1982 Israel invaded Southern Lebanon in its battle with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) that had sprung up in Lebanon as a result of the hundreds of thousands of refugees from their exodus in 1948.

The Palestinian refugee crisis was a destabilizing force inside Lebanon, and one can only look at the Syrian refugee crisis going on today to understand how refugees can effect the political climate and become a destabilizing force. If you are frustrated and upset with ISIS/Libyan based terrorist attacks in Europe you now know EXACTLY how the people of South Lebanon felt after the Palestinian refugee crisis ended up on their front door.

Another reason why this is important is that the Beirut barracks bombing that killed 500 Marines stationed in Lebanon in 1983 is often blamed on Hezbollah, but as you can see from the dates, Hezbollah didn’t even exist for 2 more years. This is done intentionally to try and pin it on an entity instead of disgruntled people with the Israeli invasion/civil war situation in Lebanon.

No Palestinian refugee crisis, No Civil War, No Israeli Invasion, No Beirut Barracks Bombing, No Hezbollah.

So by the year 1985, Lebanon had seen a massive refugee crisis from a problem they didn’t create, and an invasion by Israel. This of course had put incredible stress and suffering on the local population in Southern Lebanon.

That population is mostly Shia who predominately were poor rural farmers, and to put it bluntly, they basically were fed up. They have been swarmed by hundreds of thousands of refugees. They were being militarily occupied by a foreign government in Israel who was committing crimes against the local populace; and that is when Hezbollah was formed.

On February 16th, 1985 Hezbollah declared itself in an open letter in the “al Safr” newspaper in Lebanon. Its declaration reads just like any group of people fighting for their sovereignty from imperial tyrannical outside forces.

Exert from the actual declaration.

As you can see the sentiment is eerily similar to that sentiment of any group of people rebelling against an imperial tyrannical outside force. Hezbollah has more in common with the Continental Marines from the American Revolution against Britain, or the Texans in Gonzales against Santa Anna and Mexico; than it does any other group.

They even came up with a flag.

It is human nature to fight back against tyrannical outside oppression. The United States owes its existence to it, as does Texas, and so to does Hezbollah; but there is one very important part that is concealed from Americans and Christians in the western world regarding Hezbollah’s founding.

In Hezbollah’s declaration they mention crimes against Christians, and they also talk about hoping that Christians would possibly want to convert to Islam, but will not bother them if they don’t.

They also mention that the people should have the right to choose the form of government they desire (while hoping for an Islamic government). The Islamic government desire has long since been shelved by Hezbollah today in 2017 as it they have realized that it’s not what’s best for Lebanon.

The key point is that even in its inception, Hezbollah were thinking about protecting Christians, and giving the people freedom to choose whatever government they wanted. The real issue was freedom that they were going to be fighting for not just Muslims, but Christian freedom too, and they haven’t stopped since.

When the Syrian Civil War brought millions of refugees into Lebanon in 2011, just like in 1948, a destabilization was sparked; but this time the new threat of ISIS was trying to infiltrate and a Hezbollah force was ready to defend Lebanon and its Christian population.

In an article in from 2015 one Christian from the village of Ras Baalbeck who was under threat highlighted Hezbollah’s commitment to Christians during their fight against ISIS inside Lebanon.

“ The only people who are protecting us are the resistance of Hezbollah,”

“The only one standing with the army is Hezbollah. Let’s not hide it anymore.”

“They accept us as we are,” “They do not impose on us anything. When there’s an occasion, they come to our children’s birthdays. The people here accept that Hezbollah comes and helps.”

Yet never in the American media is Hezbollah’s commitment to protecting Christians is ever mentioned, and it doesn’t stop just inside Lebanon.

When Hezbollah sent forces into Syria to take the fight to ISIS and the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda) Jihadists or the so called “moderate rebels” inside Syria. They were there to protect the Syrian Christians too.

These are the images that the American media conceals from its audience. With every church they liberated from Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, Hezbollah was fighting for the same things that it had pledged in its declaration in 1985.

“bring them all to justice for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and Christians”

When the American media was purposely misleading and lying to the American public about Aleppo, they didn’t show that in December of 2016, after its liberation, the Christians of Aleppo celebrated their Christmas tree lighting with Hezbollah.

Fighting for Christians right to exist and observe their traditions should be something the United States should be doing, but instead the American media took the side of the very people who were trying to destroy it.

Hezbollah was on the side of secularism and freedom of religion, and the United States and its media were on the side of destroying it.

No video can illustrate the complete disconnect from reality and principles of the United States than that of John McCain belittling a pleading Syrian Christian woman.

Of course John McCain brushes off her pleas and refers to Assad as a “butcher”. That’s been the narrative the American media and politicians have been telling the public, but they don’t tell them what this Syrian woman knew.

The Truth.

Someone has to fight for freedom, sovereignty, and in defense of the Christians in the Middle East, and unfortunately the United States has abandoned that, but not Hezbollah.

Hezbollah does many other things other than its military endeavors. To quote the Council on Foreign Relations on one of their few moments of telling the truth.

“Hezbollah is a major provider of social services, operating schools, hospitals, and agricultural services for thousands of Lebanese Shiites”

Hezbollah won’t be blowing up little girls at an Ariana Grande concert, they won’t be flying planes into buildings, or shooting up night clubs in Paris or Orlando, because Hezbollah isn’t fighting against Americans way of life, or Christians way of life.

Hezbollah is fighting for the right to life. Their right to their way of life, and their existence, but not just theirs, other peoples too. Including jews.

When Lebanon’s synagogue was restored after its destruction (from an Israeli air strike ironically), Hezbollah had this to say.

“”We respect divine religions, including the Jewish religion,” said Hussein Rahhal, Hezbollah’s media chief. “The problem is with Israel’s occupation (of Arab lands), not with the Jews.”

What Hezbollah really is fighting for is the one thing the United States forgot it fought for too.

Freedom, Sovereignty, and Equality.

Israel has tried to rob the people of Southern Lebanon of that, and it still robs the Palestinians of that right as well to this day, and it’s important to remember that if it weren’t for the injustice committed against the Palestinians and the people of South Lebanon there would be no Hezbollah.

Hezbollah was born out of the same by product of tyranny and oppression as many other groups throughout history.

So who really are the freedom fighters in the middle east?

It’s with the utmost disgust and regret that I have to say.

Not the United States.

Now in some sort of weird irony the United States is the empirical oppressor, and our own origin is staring us in the face trying to remind us of who we are, or who we were.

If only we could remember.

If you’d like to know more, I’ll leave it to a man hiding in an embassy to ask questions to Hezbollah itself, as opposed to the “free press” we have here in the United States.

“Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” — John 8:32

The American Media could use a lot more truth, and we could all use a lot more free.

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