My Summer with the Donald: An Investigation of Trump’s Strategy
Sofia Lapides-Wilson

Great research project. Tons more to investigate I’m sure. That said your title is really nothing more than click-bait.

You insult Saul Alinsky with the comparison and the attempt to match Trump’s words (or, in a break from the whole exercise, his supporters views/words) to the 13 rules. Trump is not Alinsky, he’s a fascist who sounds like Mussolini or Hitler. Would you argue that Hitler (circa 1932/33) was like Alinsky too?

You also assume these tactics are Trump’s. Did you watch the debates? The man can barely string a sentence together that doesn’t sound like it was produced by a Boggle box. You’re probably correct that these tactics are intentional, but they aren’t Trump but rather being spun by O’Bannon, Brietbart, and the Alt-Right.

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