Deep Life thing #1

When I was born…. Well I don’t remember because damn that was a long time ago man what did you expect. If I could however, go back in time and talk to baby me. I’d tell him to keep reaching forward in life and never give in to contemporary desires. But then baby me wouldn’t even understand a word I’m saying so I mean thats pretty counter productive right? And now the Kaiser nurse is freaking out and calling security over to kick me out just because I snuck in and attempted to talk to me. Well great, my time travel machine was only good for one trip back and i’m stuck here in 1998. I guess I can still see NYSNC or somethi-..alright I’m getting off topic. The point is: Don’t hold on to the past.

You guys got the connection though right? The part where i’m talking to myself in the past and giving me advice and..wait

Dang it doesn’t really even connect to the main point of this article. Pretend you didn’t read what I put as the bottomline. The NEW bottomline is don’t talk to yourself when you’re fresh out of the womb. Maybe you can try when you’re in your formative years, I think thats a more appropriate timeline in your life to accept advice from weird strangers.