Day #26: The best places to get an online IT training certificate

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This is my first post on Online IT Training. When I was 14 years old, I tried to experiment with Microsoft’s Online IT Training Course. The aim was not to add anything to my resume (because I did not have one) but rather understand who’s who is IT Certification.

Even though I dropped the idea within a few days, I learned a lot. Since then, I’ve talked to a lot of professionals who would love to take an IT Training Course and move up in the Career ladder, but they failed to do so because of the lack of time, desire to learn or simply the unavailability of resources.

In this post, I’ve tried my best to list the Top 10 Online IT Training Courses so that you can see which one is the right fit for you, and move on to a better paying job.

#10 InfoSec Institute: IT Security And More

Information security remains such a popular industry arena, the InfoSec Institute is well positioned to provide in-depth instructor-led and self-paced mentored online training for IT security professionals.

#9 The Project Management Professional (PMP)

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a well-established professional credential that demonstrates mastery of project management principles, practices, and procedures. While the PMP is already a prerequisite for most project manager and program manager roles, there is significant value to other IT professionals who earn the PMP credential. The PMP has been, is today and will remain something of a gold standard for project management certification.

#8 Red Hat: Go Straight To The (Open) Source

Red Hat is one of the premier vendors of open source Linux software and its training and certification programs cover everything Red Hat, from load balancing, security, systems management, cloud computing, including OpenStack and high availability, to JBoss Middleware and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. Red Hat Training offers instructor-led and online training options, as well as onsite classes, remote ILO classes, and self-paced online learning options.

#7 Skillsoft: Training Options, Large, And Small

Skillsoft is a global training company with a dizzying array of instructor-led, online training and self-paced online learning offerings. Skillsoft will also develop and deliver personalized training content for companies worldwide. The company even offers a training development platform for organizations that want to develop their own training materials while utilizing a proven course development framework.

#6 Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence occupies a small but critical niche in the IT training and certification market: computer hardware and software forensics. Digital Intelligence offers a number of instructor-led and online training courses on computer forensics including DFF, FTK, EnCase/DFFEN, NUIX, Cellebrite, Forensic Explorer and IEF.

#5 Global Knowledge: The IKEA Of Global Training

Global Knowledge offers a stunning array of IT training course and certification prep classes in every conceivable way that you might want to learn. The company supports more than 20 vendor-specific training programs with certification training classes and big-picture training tracks such as cloud computing, networking, virtualization and big data.

#4 Oracle University

The Oracle universe has expanded exponentially over the last decade to include a multitude of enterprise software and hardware solutions. Oracle University is the place to go for hundreds of Oracle-specific courses and dozens of certifications, including a slew of Oracle application software packages, Oracle database and data warehousing, Java programming and virtualization technology.

#3 The Cisco Learning Network: All Things Cisco

The Cisco Learning Network is your one-stop shop for Cisco-related training and certification preparation. Cisco leverages its own corporate training resources with approved Cisco training partners around the world. This gives Cisco control over the training and certification preparation process without having to open a Cisco-owned training center in the back of every Starbucks on the planet.

#2. IBM Authorized Training: Get Watson Skills And More

IBM Authorized Training has a huge portfolio of training options in areas like cloud computing, analytics, security, systems, mobile and even IBM’s Watson platform. IT professionals can take on-demand training courses or attend live technical training events that take place all over the world. In addition to professional certifications, IBM also offers a badge program that allows IT Pros to display their badges in email signatures, social networking, and professional sites, and most importantly, to prospective employers who can easily verify credentials through the badges.

Who knows better than Microsoft how to train and certify IT professionals on Microsoft technologies? Microsoft Learning is one of the largest training organizations on the planet, with courses and certifications delivered via a variety of methods including online courseware and classroom training options delivered through Microsoft Learning Partners. Many professionals start by taking a course or two through the Microsoft Virtual Academy, which offers hundreds of courses that are free of charge and delivered by technology experts.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more that I found after the suggestions you gave.

InfoPro Learning: Your Training Development Partner

InfroPro Learning is a global training company that looks to partner or consult with enterprise-level organizations on customized learning and development (L&D, in their terminology) solutions. InfoPro also offers a learning management platform for companies that want to develop their own course materials utilizing an established course development framework.

Fast Lane: Spanning The Globe

Fast Lane offers instructor-led classroom and online training classes (which include innovating options such as “Night School” and the “Flex Classroom”), as well as a plethora of vendor-specific certification programs. Fast Lane’s global reach is impressive, with training classes and certifications offered by Fast Lane subsidiaries in North and South Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Pluralsight: Unlimited Online Developer, IT, and Creative Training

Pluralsight offers a wide range of courses including software development, IT operations, data management and design. According to their website, they charge less than 300 bucks a year for an individual, which is more than justified. Wikipedia says that Pluralsight offers close to 4000 courses in its catalog and has more than 750,000 subscribers and more than 6000 corporate clients. For most of its history, Pluralsight grew its author base and course catalog from within. Starting in 2013, it has acquired a number of e-learning and education companies to bolster its technology, course offerings, and executive leadership.

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