Day #3: I tell you what’s on my mind! No filters!

I learn that there is nothing more beautiful than simplicity, among other things

Edit 1: 5:20 AM IST

I just woke up 10 minutes ago. It is so cold right now. Last night I was thinking about something important and I wanted to share

Never in my life have I been so focused on one particular idea than this — I want to create this personal brand. And I want to own it. I don’t give a shit about the money. It’s the legacy that I care about.

I’m 18 now, and I have loads of time. I am not doing everything I could, but I am pushing it.

Then I thought about this blog.

Why would a normal person want to blog every goddamn detail, every single day about his boring life?

There are so many interesting things to read about on the web. Hell! There are so many amazing articles you can read right here on medium.

Why the hell will you or anybody else read my day-to-day articles?

Gary Vaynerchuk is right! I have to document content, not create it.

But he also talks about creating value to his customers, providing engaging and entertaining content for free.

That is exactly what I should do!!!

I should document more entertaining and engaging content. I should start putting out content that helps people. I should start creating value for people— for free!

That, right there, is the only way I can successfully create a brand for myself.

That, is how I plan to win!

Edit 2: 5:40 AM IST

I have made a decision. I won’t be writing about what’s happening in my life anymore.

Those two posts will stay there for memory. (Day #1 and Day #2)

From now onwards, instead of small chit-chat, I will look towards big ideas.

And here’s the thing…

I am going to write about every single idea that I think about!

No filters! No nonsense! No bullshit!

I think people should understand that nobody cares about their life and their selfies and their trips and all their other crap, unless they are insanely famous pop artists, athletes or businessmen.

What I don’t understand is, how do these people even think they are creating content for their brand when they know nobody knows them?

Not that I haven’t done all those things. But I am stopping today. Right now. No more selfies! No more personal bullshit. I am writing for people and I am creating value!

I may be wrong. I may fail horribly. But deep down, I know, this is precisely I want, and I am running with it.

Again, it’s not that I won’t do all that stuff. I will. But I will do that once people start caring about me and my life. I will do it once I know I am famous. I will do it when I run shit. Until then, all I have to do is create value.

How? By providing free but helpful content.

That is the one word I have to focus on. VALUE!

Edit 3: 6:00 PM IST

I learnt a lot today.

But the biggest thing I learnt is that the most crucial thing that people will remember you for is ‘Contribution’ and ‘Simplicity’.

It’s not about how much you make. It about how much you give.

And always, always, keep your stuff simple. Simple and direct ambition, simple and direct attitude, and a simple and direct routine. That is all you need.

I had a very long day. I am tired as hell, so I’ll stop writing now.

Let’s talk about this tommorow.


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