How to deliver a killer Tinder opening line

How can guys start online conversations on Tinder successfully? My guy friends frequently ask me how they can be more interesting. They don’t know how to get responses online. How are you supposed to start a conversation when there’s no common ground, when you haven’t even met in person, they ask? How are you supposed to be interesting enough to respond to?

Finding common ground on Tinder

First and foremost, many people on Tinder aren’t really looking for someone to talk to. They want someone to hook up with or to have something casual with. However, you can still have some interesting conversations. Although I’ve found that many of my best Tinder conversations have come out of troll remarks. For me, if you made me laugh or said something interesting, I would respond 99% of the time. The other 1% is if you did drugs or just looked super sketchy. With the caveat that people on Tinder might not be looking for the same things you are, ways you can break the ice, in order of success:

Tinder is meant to be lighthearted; don’t set your expectations too high. If you keep them low, then talking to people on Tinder can actually be entertaining. And who knows? Something might come out of your conversation.

The best way to greet someone is to ask a troll question or think of a troll greeting line. Any troll question is better than a simple hi/whatsup/you are attractive. So boring. Please be more original. By troll question, I mean a question such as “Which superpower would you rather have, invisibility or flight?” At least you can discuss something silly.

However, if you want to aim for excellence in this category, try a question that the other person hasn’t heard before. The superpower one is overused and kinda boring. For example, you could say something completely weird. One person I matched with claimed that he wasn’t on Earth. I was needlessly amused. And we had a conversation about Earthlings, as he called them. Might not work for everyone, but I thought it was hilarious. I’ve gotten various other strange questions in this same category that I’ve always responded to.

If you don’t want to ask a troll question, try a pickup line. Those are usually a step above simply saying that she’s attractive. Try to find a funny, non-sexual one. If you think of a clever one and she appreciates intelligent jokes, then she’ll definitely respond. If you think of something super dumb but it makes her laugh, she’ll also most likely respond. If you simply shoot off a sexual pickup line right off the bat, she’s pretty unlikely to respond, especially if she’s just looking for troll conversations or to date, however short-term.

For example, “How much does a polar bear weigh?” Enough to break the ice. Ha ha ha…. it’s funny but stupid. Also, I’ve heard it before, but it encourages interaction, especially if you just leave the girl with the question. If she’s heard it, she’ll likely respond. If she hasn’t, she’ll be confused or take a wild guess. Either way, you get a response!

What has she mentioned in her profile? If she’s written anything at all. If you’ve found something interesting that’s funny, mention it. Ask a question about it. Maybe you guys have a common interest or a common sense of humor. Try to make her laugh and want to continue talking to you. Remember, she swiped right, and if it wasn’t an accident and she wasn’t a bot, then the initial attraction is there/she found something interesting in your profile or about you!

Chances are, one of her pictures has something interesting. If you have a shared interest, mention your interest and follow up with a question. For example, if you see that she likes running and you do as well, ask what her favorite trail is. Ask what kinds of distances she likes to do. Ask if she’s signed up for any races. However, don’t ask an icebreaker that requires too much commitment. By that I mean, something that delves too deep right off the bat. It can come off as creepy and uncomfortable. For example, asking why she likes running. Could be personal, who knows?

If the girl isn’t pursuing a specific hobby in any of her pictures, most girls have pictures where they’re outside or in an interesting location. Ask where she was in that particular picture. Mention you like the outdoors. Maybe you both like hiking. 110% of the Tinder profiles that I’ve swiped by all proclaim their love for hiking. Why does everyone love to hike? Please guys. But anyway, since everyone loves to hike apparently, that question can lead to follow-up discussions about places you are interested in visiting or trips you’ve been on.

If you find yourself unable to do any of the above, literally Google a joke that you find funny and send that. Good luck, Tinderers!

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