Make More Electronics 1–5

I’m really new to electronics and wanted to learn more about wiring up circuits to create my own prototypes, so I bought Make More Electronics. I wanted to share some things I found unintuitive so that others can break through the same issues, hold myself accountable, and inspire others to start!

Experiment 1

  1. Do not buy gigantic alligator clips — they do not hold small wires.
  2. 9V batteries are easier to use than setting up voltage regulators.

Experiment 2

Voltage Regulator 12V -> 9V. LM7805
  1. How to use a breadboard. You want to set your pins vertically — each horizontal row is a different connection. Additionally, the middle is a gap, so the connection doesn’t go to the other side unless you intentionally make it that way.
  2. 13.7 microamps because I switched GRND and 5V on the trimmer.
  3. Check your power source to make sure it’s tight enough. Had so much trouble figuring out why my circuit was incorrect for the longest time.
Working circuit

Experiment 3

  1. Took out 100 resistor to get circuit to work.
  2. When the light was too bright, the circuit shut off entirely.
  3. Multimeters when put in mV mode will fluctuate a lot.
  4. For some reason(haven’t figured out why), poking at ground with ground from my multimeter retriggered the circuit.
  5. My bug for the longest time: the green wire you see above wasn’t clamped tightly enough.
  6. Couldn’t find a speaker that took in >50 ohms, so I had one that took in ~5. Maybe that’s why I get strange noises/it’s not working properly?

Experiment 4

Nothing really to say. Measurement-heavy.

Experiment 5

This one was really fun!

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