My Copy & Paste Fill In The X, Cover Letter Resume Template

Here, Copy & Pasted, mostly for my reference and maybe your pleasure, because this is what I do. Shared out here on My Medium, because I don’t give a shit

Good Day, Fellow Interested Party,

I am responding to the opportunities presented by X, in respects towards the X position, as discovered through X + Twitter.

My name is J, & I am an intelligent, creative, imaginative individual, looking for more information, & to successfully capitalize on this intriguing opportunity within the X organization, through this Cover E-Mail.

Having a unique background in X, & X-type atmospheres led me to eye this particular opening. I feel I can draw & relate from these experiences working in those types of ecosystems. I am the type of person who would excel in a position that entails the responsibilities of a X.

As a quick learner, & responsible individual, I feel that I can fit within a progressive X + X environment, & provide a Je Ne Sais Quoi, & X to the opportunity.

And from my exemplary verbal & written communication skills, to my highly adaptable, quick learning personality, & strong aptitude for X; But more importantly, my interpersonal & communication skills, with the ability to work both autonomously, & as part of a winning team — This endeavour is one where I feel I can use my creative flair & effervescent work ethic to contribute, fit in, learn, & step into an X position.

I have attached my Resume in .PDF format as a sign of my curious interest, & I look forward to being contacted, & hearing more details about the X organization.

Thankx For The Time, J

+ .:.*..:..*…:… ★ ★ ★ …:…*..:..*.:. +

+ J. 
+1 416 XXX XX XX

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