Me Too. Not me at all.

You know what I want to see instead of this me too campaign going around social media right now? The impetus put on the correct party. Come out and say “I am guilty of sexual harassment/assault”.

There are so many men who are decent, loving, kind, and respect boundaries. There are men who have been harassed and assaulted. There are women who have harassed men and women. It is not as black and white as “me too”.

Furthermore, saying “me too” still indicates that something happened to you- that it’s somehow women’s/the assaulted and harassed’ burden to bear.

Our main problem is not transparency. We know this is a far reaching epidemic. It is our language in general that is the problem. “A woman was raped, she was catcalled, she was harassed by her boss.” SHE was, SHE was, SHE was. Yet we say “they committed murder, they stole, they broke the law.”

I say this as a survivor of severe, long term sexual assault and trauma. You know what I’m not going to say? Me too.

Find your power. Keep your boundaries strong and stand up to say “this didn’t happen to me, it’s not my fault, YOU DID this to me.” Sexual harassment and assault is a choice made by the guilty party. The responsibility should be put on them.

Find a source of activism, and change your language. Me too is useless. It’s a slacktivism witch hunt with no true power behind it, because after that status is posted, what’s your follow up?

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