President Trump?
The Economist

Good (but scary) analysis of what seems to be happening in America. Despite the headline in Nate Silver’s piece, it points to a similar possibility of a Trump win.

Has much been done on the recently on the anti-free trade appeal of Trump? The “stop jobs going to Mexico” argument of his. It strikes me that this is one reason many “shy” Trump voters could send him to the White House. They’d not be interested in movie stars, the “elite” and well to do slagging Trump and his “gaffes” if they think his policies might protect or even give them decent jobs. The same kind of nostalgia for a rose tinted past that has given us Brexit and political and economic uncertainty. I just can’t imagine what the global and domestic reaction would be to a Trump presidency.

As for Clinton’s huge war chest. Jeb Bush (remember him?) had one too.

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