Momentum vs. Inertia
Laura Catriona Murray

Laura Catriona Murray writes of the AWL’s political positions that they believe in-

“Subtle support for imperialist wars, uncritical support for Israel and fanatical support for the European Union are amongst their policies.”

Now, I’m not a supporter of the AWL, far from it, as I believe that democratic socialism and revolutionary socialism are incompatible. I believe that Leninist groups have no place in Labour as they wish to destroy it to build their own Party.


If you are going to attack political opponents, then it should be done on the basis of their actual politics rather than complete distortions of the truth. The positions which Ms Murray ascribes to the AWL are just not true.

The AWL believe in a two-state position regarding Israel/Palestine. A glance at their website would show that they are very critical of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. As Ms Murray is a supporter of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign who wish for the destruction of Israel, perhaps this explains her view that the AWL has “uncritical” support for Israel. The AWL also supported the “Another Europe is Possible” initiative (also backed by John McDonnell, btw), a Remain vote and oppose a Hard Brexit. How does this translate into “fanatical support” for the EU? As for “subtle support for imperialist wars”, well, as to what that means, one can only guess. Perhaps it is their unwillingness to give critical support to the likes of the Iraqi “Resistance”, Hamas and Hezbollah which the leadership of Stop the War give.

So, if I’m politically opposed to the AWL, why this “defence” of them?

In a nutshell, if someone is prepared to state that a political opponent has views which are untrue, it calls into question the veracity of the rest of their article. I’d go as far to say that distortions and lies like this are part and parcel of a Stalinist method of debate.

Is Ms Murray a Stalinist? Well, her adulation of Fidel Castro on her Twitter feed would seem to indicate that.

I only hope that the many young people who got involved in Momentum for a “new kind of politics” realise that this kind of self destruction of the Left is nothing new. “The World Transformed” event at Labour Conference sounded interesting and it would be a shame if discussions and debates like that were not to continue.