Just Tried Spinning for the First Time in San Diego! (Core40 & Pure Indoor Cycling)

Throughout college and even my adult life, I did very little when it came to physical activity. If you would ask me the last time I threw a ball or kicked a soccer ball, I would have to tell you that’s been at least 15 years. Now don’t me wrong, I’m not exactly a couch potato that’s tilting the obesity scale — I do run, mostly with my coworkers on the weekends.

I’m sure I’m not the first to admit this but running leisurely with your friends has done very little in terms of weight loss. Has it helped with keeping additional weight off? I’m sure it has. But as with many women, we aren’t looking to keep our current figure, we want a BETTER figure.

Two weeks ago one of my coworkers mentioned that she’s started taking spin classes. Spin classes? When I first heard about it, I had no clue as to what it was. After hearing what my friend had to say about spinning, doing a bit of reading online and even taking a few classes already; I believe I’m fit to answer that question.

Spinning is much more than just hopping on an indoor bicycle and pedaling your feet away. It’s a journey or an adventure that you experience with your instructor. In spinning, the bikes are considerably more advanced and adjustable. These bikes are specifically built to burn calories at the most efficient pace possible. When I say they’re adjustable, that’s understatement, you’ll actually spend some time playing with all the different settings to get the bike perfect for me, but when it is — you’ll experience cycling as you never have before.

Aside of the advanced bicycles, the most important factor in a successful spin studio is the instructor. The instructor will be your guide through your class and is responsible for pushing and motivating you.

The best part of indoor cycling? The calorie burn.

I wear a Fitbit watch as well as have been tracking how many calories I’ve burned and I’ve noticed that I have consistently burned between 700–900 calories per 45 minutes. That’s insane!

Let’s get into the spin studios that I tried and how they differed.

I’m from San Diego and am fortunate enough to have many options nearby. When I first spoke to my friend about spinning, she mentioned that she goes to Pure Indoor Cycling, which is located at the First National Bank Center. At first I didn’t go to Pure Studio even though my friend was going there, simply because a studio by the name of Core40 was literally down the block from my apartment in Little Italy.

Core40 is located on the 2nd floor of the McClintock Building, and has accessible parking for $1.00. When I went in for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. The receptionist at the front gave me a quick rundown, and mentioned that I could take a class that day for $30.00.

It sounded a bit steep compared to what my friend was paying at Pure Studio, but I went for it.

Fortunately I arrived 20 minutes before the next class began so I was able to snag a spot the same day. I was escorted to a locker room were I spent the rest of the time until class began. The locker room was a bit small, but it was clean!

My first impressions when I walked into the spin studio was that it was relatively small compared to the number of riders in the class. With that being said, Jennifer was the instructor that day and she did a fabulous job! She kept the class entertaining, the choice of music was enjoyable and most of all, I got one heck of a workout. Fair warning though, she really knows how to push it! Just as the class was dying from exhaustion, she turned it up even harder!

Now, while my spinning experience at Core40 was pleasant, I do wish that before class began someone would have approached me and helped me adjust the bike. It actually took someone else in the class to help me adjust the bike, and teach me exactly how I should keep my posture.

My biggest gripe about Core40 came down to the price. I actually found out from my friend that Pure Indoor Cycling offers their 1st class for free, and their packages are more attractive than Core40. If you want to buy 5 sessions from Core40, it will cost you $125 while Pure Studio offers 5 sessions for $100.

After my first session with Core40, I decided to book my next session at Pure Indoor Cycling so I could be in the same class as my friend, and it wouldn’t cost me a dime!

From the first step, it’s clear that Pure Studio is new, and very well built. The whole facility is gorgeous, modern and clean.

When I stepped up to the receptionist desk, I was greeted with a smile and was asked if I needed any help. I mentioned that I had placed an order for a “Free First Ride” online, and showed my coupon. The woman asked for my name, confirmed my reservation and began to give me a tour of the place. Which was really nice of her!

First impressions, it’s a big facility! It felt considerably bigger than Core40, especially the locker rooms. I was shown that the locker rooms have showers, and also many amenities (ex. hair dryer, lotions) that you would expect from a high-end gym.

Oh! I forgot to mention, she also mentioned that I have the option for a free pair of cycling shoes that I can borrow for my session. I wasn’t even told about such shoes in Core40, and didn’t even know such shoes existed! The receptionist asked for my size, took a pair off the shelve, and then brought me over to the spin studio were she demonstrated how the cycling shoes clip onto the pedals. In addition, she asked what bike I’ll use for the session, had me sit on that bike, and helped my make the proper adjustments.

A few helpful tips I want to mention that she shared with me was that you never want to curve your back when you’re cycling, do not lock your knees, do not grip your handles tightly, and make sure your butt is seated all the way back in the seat, just to mention the ones I remember.

In case I haven’t mentioned this yet, their spinning studio looked amazing! When I first visited Core40, I was impressed, simply because I had nothing to compare it to. But now that I’ve had the chance to go to Pure Studio, I truly see places where Pure Studio definitely raised the bar.

What I really loved about Pure Studio was the spacious layout and high quality lights and speakers. The studio nearly felt like a club!

Chelsea was the instructor that day at Pure Studio and she was wonderful. She started us off slow, and then just kept on ramping up the workout as we went. We even used weights at some points during the workout that should promote lean muscle.

Overall, it was a delightful experience and time simply flew. I was impressed with the workout at Core40, but not only did the workout at Pure Studio just as impressive me, but the beautiful facility, customer service and prices have won my heart over.

Once the session was over, I headed over to the locker rooms, took a shower, prepped myself and walked over to the receptionist to sign up for a monthly membership.

From that day on, I’ve become a spinner! ha.

I hope you found my experience as a newcomer to spinning interesting, and if you are already a fellow spinner, then we’ll be bumping into one in another in San Diego!


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