Welcome to your Community — AngularCamp 2017

The last two AngularCamp’s has been an unbelievable community experience and we are more than thrilled to announce the third AngularCamp on July 6th-7th 2017 in Barcelona!

On the first day (July 6th) with a single track: you can expect great talks from great community speakers. Some of past community speakers include Google Developer Experts: Todd Motto (UK), Wassim Chegham (France), Uri Shaked (Israel) , Manfred Steyer (Austria) and Uri Goldshtein.

The second day (July 7th) is a Barcamp with six tracks with different spaces: more focused on hands on sessions and, as well, some talks as contributions from developers like you! All attendees have the opportunity to contribute and decide what will happen during the day!

We would like to remind everyone that by attending AngularCamp you agree to follow the code of conduct 🌈

❯ Registration is open

We have put the last few public tickets on sale and available until May 15th! They are available now, so if you don’t have your ticket yet, now is the time to snatch them up before they’re gone!

❯ Engage collaboration

We want to use the internet to get off the internet. AngularCamp wants to keep motivation and passion inside community: Getting to meet and learn from other people face-to-face is one of the main reasons people attend AngularCamps.

Thanks to AngularCamps’ volunteers, they will try to help fellow attendees with their questions in addition to learning from each other. Attendees have a great opportunity to find new friends, collaborators and potential inspiration in the AngularCamp crowd. All these can lead to an exciting, sustainable and engaged community driven. So you decide what will happen there!

❯ Call for contribution

Your contributions, talks and discussions are essential for the AngularCamp.

Please bear in mind that although this is an Angular event, talks and workshops can be anything related about Web Technologies (For example, some ideas: Performance tips and tricks, Testing, Architectural ideas, Interesting 3rd party libraries, Related backend technologies, other frameworks, …)

If you have a great idea for a talk or hands on session that would be relevant to our community but that’s about a different topic, don’t have any fear and submit them on our github page anyway: our team will be glad to help you as much as we can!

If you love Angular and all related Web Technologies then We have the best plan for you this Summer in Barcelona: Make friends and master new tech skills!
We want to make this event memorable infused by Catalonia’s warming sun and a vibrant dev community!

❯ AngularCamp 2016 Highlights

AngularCamp 2016 @ Disseny Hub Barcelona

Last year’s AngularCamp has been a blast! Now It’s a good moment to remember the great time we had together in Barcelona: watch our gallery and the videos.

Our organizing team is pulling out all the stops to make sure this is the best AngularCamp yet! We are excited to show you what we have prepared for #AngularCamp 2017, so don’t miss out!

❯ Call for sponsors

We’re looking for companies who trust in our vision and mission for making this event even better with your help. Be part of it! Register your interest here

❯ We’re here to help you 🙋

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us by e-mail or a direct message on twitter: we will be happy to talk with you.

AngularCamp 2017 is an event carefully crafted with ❤️ for you!