Call for Papers

Thank you for your interest in speaking at JSCamp 2018 (19–20 July in Barcelona) we are looking forward to read your proposals!

AngularCamp is a chance for developers to discuss the latest technologies from vanilla JavaScript / ECMAScript to Vue, React, Node.js, Angular, Performance, Security and everything else that matters for professional web and cross-platform development.

This Call for Papers closes on March 15th, 2018, midnight CET.

We have an amazing and comfortable venue with auditorium with room for 600 attendees. Our goal is to create a great atmosphere and attention to detail in order to guarantee a great experience.


All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct. Read the Code of Conduct


We are aware of the lack of diversity in the tech conferences speaker line-up and we will do our best during all the selection process.

1. All data from the call of papers is anonymized during the initial selection phase to avoid bias.
2. All submissions are reviewed and voted for by the Program committee.
3. The top voted submissions are de-anonymized and then we take speaker details into account.
4. We ask to the Program committee members to give some feedback of the proposal.


Pick whatever makes you feel most happy and passionate about!

React · ES6 / ES Next · VueJS · TypeScript · Angular · JavaScript · HTML 5 · JS Tooling · Learning · Functional JavaScript · Testing · ML · NodeJS · IoT · Performance · Creative Coding · WebVR · Hybrid Mobile Apps · Open Source


We ask you to put some time into focussing your application. Make sure we see you care and give some time.

· Follow the Code of Conduct.
· All talks are in English.
· We value original ideas applicable to real-world problems.
· The duration should be 30 minutes long. No QA.
· Be brief and go straight to get to the point of your proposal.
· Take care of the formatting (don’t use all-uppercase, typos, …) 
· If your talk contains live coding, we would prefer if you could pre-record it.
· Keep the audience in mind: Make sure your talk is engaging.
· You should provide a well-prepared, well-rehearsed 30-minute talk. Talks given under 30 minutes long will be considered below our expectations.


If your proposal is selected we will offer:

For full length talk speakers:

  • Travel to Barcelona (Up to 300 EUR within Europe and 700 EUR outside Europe)
  • Accommodation in a comfortable hotel close to the Venue (3 nights)
  • We offer professional photos and video recordings.
  • Ticket for the conference.

For lightning talk speakers:

  • Ticket for the whole conference. If you bought a ticket, you will be directly reimbursed during the event.


Want to help us make this years conference the best of its kind yet? We would like to hear from you! Inspire others and be a part of this breathtaking event and make an impact on the developer community.

Please send us your proposals until March 15th, 2018, midnight CET.

Submit your proposal

Important: We will record and publish all talks on YouTube for free under a Creative Commons license, we hope you agree on this, but if you have any concern about it, please let us know.