Convince Your Boss: 6 Reasons to Make Them Say “Yes!” to attend AngularCamp

We all know why attending at least one annual developer event is a great idea. An opportunity to network, learn, share, present, raise profile, discover — the list of positive benefits attributes is long. On the minus side is expense and time spent out of the regular work environment. Travel, accommodation and registration fees can be hefty expenses and not everyone has an automatic budget for this kind of work. Workloads can topple out of balance when key members are away for even a handful of days.

We do our best to ensure that your experience at AngularCamp is equal parts educational and engaging, so that when you leave you’re informed, inspired, and equipped with practical, ready-to-implement solutions to solve your company’s greatest challenges.

For this to be possible, you first need to convince your boss that it’s worth it. If you’re looking for help with that message, you’ve come to the right place.

We laid out a six major reasons and a sample letter explaining why it is important. Use it in full or use snippets of it, whatever it takes to get you to AngularCamp Barcelona!

Six Reasons to Attend AngularCamp:

  1. Work together: Learn what works (and what doesn’t) in the real world. Let someone else’s hard-earned experience be your guide. With case studies and tales from the trenches, you’ll learn best practices, save time, and dodge the pitfalls that have vexed others. Meeting people facing the same problems encourages working together towards a common solution.
  2. Find inspiration: Be part of the conversation shaping the Web. AngularCamp is where important conversations take place and where big ideas explode into being. You’ll come away inspired and eager to test what you’ve learned.
  3. Meet the community: Make valuable connections. AngularCamp is designed to make networking easy, even if networking doesn’t come naturally to you. A large event with a small-community event feel, AngularCamp provides ample opportunities to meet and compare experiences with others.
  4. Aim for the future: Be among the first to hear about emerging technologies and explore what’s on the horizon with the visionaries of the web platform.
  5. Innovate: There will be a lot of sessions in the two days of AngularCamp. These sessions include visionary keynotes, hands-on tutorials, deep-dive technical lectures, and presentations.Get new ideas by thinking outside the box in a dynamic, inspiring environment like Barcelona.
  6. Bring it all home: You’ll leave AngularCamp empowered, energized, and informed. Commit to a post-event briefing for staff so that best practices and tactics can be shared. Implement those ready-to-use strategies and tools you acquired at AngularCamp.

Complete the Request Letter

  • If your boss prefers a written request for your professional development, we took the liberty of getting that started for you too. 2017 AngularCamp Letter Template.
  • Feel free to tweak and customize it as you see fit, but hopefully you’ll find this to be a great head start.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Help other readers of this blog post; please share any other methods below that you’ve found to be successful.

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