harsh truth about HARD WORK

why hard work works?

because very few actually bothers, so it gives you advantage right there.

what hard work actually means?


it means do what others don’t want to do, what others are lazy to do, do more than others, do better than others, do different than others…


don’t stop when you’re tired — stop when you’re done… and don’t stop for too long, get up and keep working… hard

why hard work is actually hard?

well, here is the kicker — hard work is not actually hard!

if hard work isn’t hard, why is it so hard? or why is it called hard work?


because hard work takes time away from nights out and drinking with buddies


hard work takes away time from watching television, social media and playing video games


hard work takes away time from everything you think you want RIGHT NOW and focuses your energy and time on achieving things you really want but those things are far and in the future


it is called hard work only because it is hard to start, it makes hard to leave all those things that people like doing (like being lazy and some examples described above)


it is called hard because it is hard for people to change from years or decades even of bad habits to good ones


it is called hard work because it’s being postponed and pushed to the back of the diary and the longer it sits there — the harder it becomes to do, ruining whole days, weeks, moths sometimes


in fact, what people know as “hard work” is actually enjoyable, is developing, is rewarding; and, like nothing else, so called hard work gives strong sense of accomplishment that no money can buy… just try…

you know how you tell yourself “i will sit for 5 minutes ONLY and check my Facebook” and 3 days later you still there, checking everything else… do the same with things you think are “hard work”… tell yourself “i will only do it for 5 minutes” and see what happens…

we think that everything is hard at the beginning… even when we never done it or try it before… 
often things are hard by default… only when we actually start doing things, this is when we realize how stupid of us it is to be fearful of anything and how great we can become by continuously doing stuff…

and one final thought… if you are not ready and don’t want to do so called hard work, no one can force you to it… but that means only that you are lazy, really… that’s all…

p.s. gotta go back to my work… see… not hard at all…