Note to So Called Social Media Inlfuencers.

Dear So Called Social Media Influencers,

Can you all please stop saying “follow me!” 
Follow me on Snapchat. Follow me on Peach. Follow me there or there! That’s what I constantly hear over various Social Media platforms these days. 
Why should I do that!??!

I follow you already in few different places but you seem to forget that following is earned. Leadership is earned. You cannot just say “follow me” and expect us, loyal sheep’s to obey!

To start with what else are you going to tell me that you are not telling me on Twitter or Facebook?
What am I gonna get for the time I will spend doing it and attention I dedicate to you?
Maybe start there — tell me why I should follow you on new platform?

Also, saying just “follow me!” you sound like you begging! Is this how you want to sound!?

If Social Media is about listening this is what you should do instead (and I am shocked that I am telling you this, you should know that already, Dear Influencers!);

- say, “I am on Snapchat (Persicope, Peach or whatever) and I love it!” 
That’s it! Nothing more. I am intelligent person and I will hear you saying it. And because I am curious person I will go and check. And if I like what I see — I will follow you! Simples!

- say “Tell me your Snapchat handle and I follow you, let’s stay in touch!” 
Yeah! Dah! Follow me first! In whole spirit of reciprocity I will follow you back, most likely.

- say “please”! 
Some of you, dear So Called Social Media Influencers, grew so confident (I am on purpose not using word “arrogant” but you do catch my drift; wink, wink) in your roles that you’re forgetting that kindness goes a long way and should come from the top, from leaders, from parents, from those who want to influence others. Kids learn by examples, not by advice. Didn’t your mama tell you that?

- get over “next big new shinny thing” and stop jumping from platform to platform. What are you, 7 years old!? Remember, not everything that shines is gold.

You can also:
- tell me who you follow and why. I might check them out and if you give me good tips — I follow you too.
- show me what you do there that is so exciting and “not to miss” and maybe I will consider,
- tell me exactly why and how my life is going to be better if I follow you on new platform.

Only because I followed you already here and there does not mean I will go everywhere you tell me to go. I got life to live, you know; things to do, people to meet, memories to make. And I post some stuff about my life and my people on my social Media. So if you want me to follow you — follow me first and I might follow you back!


p.s. And for goodness sake when will you finally stop with bragging!? All I see recently is;

“Delighted to be featured in Forbes” 
“Humbled to be named influencer… by…” 
“Oh! This is so cool. I just been named…”

or — my personal favorite

“In case you missed it, here is my article in Huffington or wherever…” and 
“Apparently it is fun to work with me!”

No! It’s not humbling, cool or fun! It’s bragging and it’s pathetic! All you talk about recently is yourself. Seriously!? No one told you that real leaders use “we” instead of “I”!?