World’s Greatest Meal: End Polio Now

The Rotaract Club of Manila together with the Rotaract Club of Makati (sister club) and the Rotary Club of Manila Magic (sponsor club) took part in the first ever “World’s Greatest Meal to Help End Polio” campaign in the Philippines, jointly raising US $300 for the initiative.

The event was held at the historic Aristocrat along Roxas Boulevard in Manila City.

Rotaractors and Rotarians looking happy (and full) after the hearty, home-cooked goodness served up by the iconic restaurant.

Then collection bowl was passed around. After a pledge had been made, the donor was asked to say a few words about why he or she was happy. An important rule was announced, a pledger could only give an amount at par or MORE than the previous pledge!

RID 3810 District Rotaract Chair Oliver Alvarez made the first pledge and set the bar high, financially.

Halfway thorough the group, Past Director Justin Gatuslao gamely raised the amount by Php 10 as he shared how his mother had been struck by polio at a young age but managed to recover fully.

Rotaractor Val Darilag looked serious at first…

but his enthusiasm eventually showed.

President JM Cuales, among the last to pledge, may have shed a few bills that night but knew he was contributing to a cause that would help countless families across the world.

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