• You’re walking
  • You’re walking upstairs (and I’m right behind you)
  • You’re walking downstairs (and I’m right above you)
  • You’re walking into a sea of people on the sidewalk
  • You’re about to walk into a manhole
  • You’re walking like a drunk driver
  • You’re driving like a walking texter
  • You’re drunk driving
  • You’re about to drive into a manhole
  • You’re riding a CitiBike
  • Take your backpack off during rush hour on the subway, it’s not part of your body, it’s jabbing me in the kidney, perhaps you don’t realize it because you’re on your phone!
  • Put down your phone, you’re next on…

On March 23rd a New York City Councilman, Kalman Yeger, representing District 44 in Brooklyn tweeted:

Palestine does not exist. There, I said it again.

The aftermath of the tweet resulted in rebukes and calls for an apology from Mayor Bill DiBlasio, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Attorney General Letitia James and other elected officials. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson removed Yeger from NYC’s Immigration Council, and there has been strong public reaction on Twitter, social media, and by news outlets here in New York and around the country.

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 18 years and while this is unique…

Extended Title: Reading Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection at King Hussein/Allenby Bridge (and other notions traveling as Palestinian-American in an ersatz land of Palestine “a state with provisional borders”, through the borders of what some call Eretz Israel or “Greater Israel”.)

(Originally Written in 2009, Read/Performed in 2011. Updated now…wait now! Now!)

The Dead Sea from Jordan

The sun is ascending. The brown, rocky hues of the desert in the south of Jordan swirl by on the right side of highway 65, to the left the blue-green-brown wash of the Dead Sea.

It is 2009 and I’m concluding an 8-day writing residency, which began in Amman and then brought me to the desert in the south of Jordan. …

Jacob Stowe Kader

Writer, Producer, and Director for screens, stages, and things in between.

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