JSLeague Talks #1

On the 21st of May we celebrated Global Awareness Accessibility Day 🎉 And with this occasion we at JSLeague started a series of technical talks as part of our community events.

Our first talk tackled Web Accessibility in 2020, a subject that should be more and more discussed among programmers. Along with our guest, Alex Moldovan, front-end developer, co-founder JSHeroes and a11y advocate, we covered topics such as:

  • why should we care about a11y and what are some common a11y misconceptions
  • understanding a11y guidelines and legal requirements
  • making accessible content and coding accessible websites
  • tooling

This article…

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For most people, January represents that time of the year where resolutions are made, objectives are written down, dreams are crafted and ready to be implemented. For us it represents a time to take a step back and acknowledge our 1 year’s work at JSLeague.

This review is a chance to tell the community our story from the human point of view and not merely numbers on a scale, focusing on both the struggles and wins we experienced as a team, starting with the inception of JSLeague and through our journey to creating a (somewhat) sustainable business.

So buckle in…


JSLeague is an intensive online & offline program based on JS technologies, with hands-on workshops designed for high-performing individuals.

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