22 Amazing open source React projects

#ReactJS #ReactNative #opensource

by @Mybridge
  • 22 Amazing open source React projectsThis is a collection of open source apps built with React.JS library.
  • In this observation, we compared nearly 800 popular React projects to pick the top 22.
  • (React Native: 11, React: 11)React is an open source JavaScript library built by Facebook, providing a view for data rendered as HTML.To evaluate the quality, Mybridge AI considers a variety of factors to determine how useful the projects are for programmers.
  • Open source projects can be useful both for beginners to learn from reading the code and for advanced programmers to save time by using the existing code.
  • The aim of this collection is to help you pick a great project right away without having to spend hours of searching.Note that React UI components, boilerplates, tools and frameworks are separated out to make this curation more specific to full-working apps built with React.Updated: 27 February 2017

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