Introducing Create XP App  #nodejs #reactnative #react #iosappdevelopment #reactjs #reactjs
  • Introducing Create XP AppCreate XP App is ReactXP project generator that will allow you to build apps that run on iOS, Windows, Android, and the web using a single codebase.Though this is a working project, it is definitely still a work in progress and I will be getting feedback, adding improvements, and adding polish over the next few weeks / months.A few things about ReactXPBuilt on top of React NativeOpen sourced by Microsoft, used in new version of SkypeRecommends the use of TypeScriptTo learn more about ReactXP, check out their repo and their docs.To Install and create an app:Install the clinpm i -g create-xp-app2.
  • Create your projectcreate-xp-app new MyAwesomeProjectTo run on the webRun npm run web-watch (this compiles and watches your TypeScript)npm run web-watch2.
  • Open index.html in your browserTo run on iOS / Android / WindowsRun npm run rn-watchnpm run rn-watch2.
  • Start the packagernpm start // or use haulUse the command line, Xcode or Android Studio to build and deploy the native app code just like you would with any other React Native project.To learn more, contribute, or submit issues check out the repo located here.My Name is Nader Dabit .
  • I am a software consultant trainer the founder of React Native Training where we teach developers at top companies around the world how to quickly get up and running with React Native.

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