React Native Meetup by GeekyAnts  #reactnative #react #bangalore #latest #reactjs #reactjs
  • React Native Meetup by GeekyAntsTeam GeekyAnts is happy to announce the 3rd React-Native Meetup at our office in Bangalore.
  • We are honoured to invite all the React-Native enthusiasts to join us on May 20th 2017 via Meetup.In this inspiring talk we will engage you with the below mentioned topics:Introduction to React-NativeAnimations in React-NativeNavigationState managementMobile development using React-NativeAs of now these are the listed topics from our side, we would appreciate the initiation of interested speakers to share their experience / ideas.We will have Sanket Sahu and Sankhadeep Roy from our team as speakers.If you wish to be a speaker at the event, drop a mail at or simply leave a comment below.If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us.Click the link to register are looking forward to welcome you all to our upcoming React-Native Meetup.See You!

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