Using JSX and React  #React #reactjs #javascript #Framework #programming
  • You use JSX within React code to easily create components for your apps.
  • Here is an example of JSX being used to render HTML: To create a component, just use a local variable that starts with an upper-case letter, e.g.: Note: There are reserved words in JSX, as it is essentially JavaScript after all — so keywords such as and are discouraged as attribute names.
  • Form creation is easy with JSX and sub-components, for example: To make this work, you must create the sub-components as attributes of the main component: To use some JavaScript to create a result for use in an attribute value, React just needs you to wrap it in curly braces like so: You can also just pass a boolean value for form attributes such as , and so on.
  • First we use to establish signalling of a new user connected via the as so: Then, to connect to the PeerServer, we use the following: We then listen for events via the method: We also have our JSX inside components in the directory.
  • Now it’s as simple as pushing your code to heroku: Once the push is finished, you will be able to start your web service with the following: Now just visit the URL provided, or as a shortcut use the command as so: You’ve learned how to create JSX components and interface them with React, with a detailed example of the chat application.

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