What’s happening with navigation in React Native?  #JavaScript #ReactJS
  • What’s Happening with Navigation in React Native?There’s something nice about the background image…When I began learning React Native the docs and developers said that to handle navigation between scenes in your app you should use Navigator and a depreciated component, NavigatorIOS, was no longer recommended.
  • After seeing a post on the React Native subreddit and then doing some digging, I found out that Navigator and NavigationExperimental will be depreciated in favour of one last library React-Navigation.
  • It’s all a bit of a mess but I will clear everything up from what I’ve found while building my app.NavigatorIOSThe first solution to navigation in React Native was NavigatorIOS.
  • Like NavigatorIOS and Navigator, NavigationExperimental is being depreciated.React NavigationThe new recommended solution is React Navigation which hopes to overcome the issues of the previous solutions.
  • It also has support for deep linking.Navigation in React Native has been a mess, but the developers in the community are doing a great job at finalising a long-term solution with React Navigation.

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