EthQL: Transform How You Interact with the Ethereum Blockchain

First, Let’s provide a little context to set up the problem: What is ‘Web3’? And What is ‘Ethereum’?

Ethereum: a Web3 Platform with programmable tokens

Infura’s Place in the Ethereum Ecosystem

The Problem With JSON RPC

  1. There’s no native typing. Implementing return data in JSON could be different per implementation;
  2. There are defined calls and data returns, but there is nothing that natively indicates the relationship between the data;
  3. Data selection is not supported;
  4. It routinely over-fetches and under-fetches data. Over-fetching means that an API call returns data that the application is not interested in and this can impact how efficiently the client puts together the response. Under-fetching means that an application may need to make multiple or dependent calls in order to fetch the data it needs. Both cases can result in returning way more data than is useful or necessary for each query, creating a big efficiency problem.
  5. Raw output is returned to the user in a serialized encoding that was designed for efficient storage and transport. Developers need to encode data before querying and then decode the response to get useful data out.

GraphQL: A Better Way to Query the Blockchain

  1. Standardize the return type by providing a strongly typed schema that could have standard implementations;
  2. Offer an explicit and consistent way to model the data on the blockchain;
  3. Increase efficiency by eliminating over-fetching and under-fetching;
  4. Easily extend and layer on additional functionality, while retaining the core API.
  • Query: “Get the latest block”
  • Return:
  • Query: “Get the latest block with transactions”
  • Return:
  • Query: “Get logs from a transaction”
  • Return:

Want to Play Around With GraphQL on Ethereum?

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Writer, team MetaMask.

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Writer, team MetaMask.

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