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I’m Polish and completely agree with you. The holocaust should be remembered in a historical context, so it shouldn’t be committed again, but current generations, sometimes 2 and 3 generations on from the ones who committed the crimes shouldn’t carry along a life long burden of guilt. Germany is called Germany for a reason, just as Poland is called Poland and Hungary is called Hungary, its a land for the those people.

We live in a globalised world so it’s unrealistic to think there should be no immigration, but it should be a limited amount and legal immigration. Under-populated, traditionally immigration countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada should take on the burden. I would’ve included America, but they’ve taken on so many in the last 150 years it needs to slow down a bit for them.

More countries need to follow Poland and Hungary’s lead in investing money to help re-build cities, and stabilise unstable countries in the Middle East and Africa.

What’s great about the world is that we’re all different. European countries need to preserve their cultures and identity because it can quickly be lost.

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