It's been a while since part 2, and this is not part 3 either. Comments aside, a new Twitter follower pointed out that I should publish the source code for the Ionic slide button component . Since so much time passed I replied that in fact I finished the component, but I was in debt on writing the article.

So I took my laptop and decided to make a reusable component, and finally publish the code on Github.

So here it is (not the article, but the code repo):

And an example app, so you can see how it works:

Hopefully on part 3:

  • How it was done.
  • Why I'm not loving StencilJS (yet).
  • Differences from the original code.
  • and perhaps some other brilliant observations.

So keep tuned :)

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Polyglot software engineer, amateur guitar & bass player, geek, husband. Not precisely in that order.