Ninja developer required: What’s not working with that?

Yesterday I read at Lifehacker about George Takei posting a meme about what do recruiters really mean with their fancy smell-like-startup-phrases when looking for developers.

Here in Chile an almost cliché phrase is “Importante empresa TI busca…”, that's “Important TI company searched for…” C’mon! Important companies are so important that THEY DO SHOW THEIR NAMES! OK, most of these job ads come from outsourcing companies, they don’t want applicants to go directly to these important companies. Anyway, companies that's are not willing to contract directly will ask for outsourcing services, and if the outsourcing goes good they will use it even in case the applicant goes directly. Have you ever seen a so important company that won’ t tell it's name? I bet no, and if yes, I bet it’ s not a really important company.

But what about ninjas? I have seen lots of “jQuery ninja required”. Companies don't really need a masked guy capable of walking silently, throwing shurikens as exceptions, and killing Lord Orochimaru. Companies need people capable of solving problems, people with whom you can argue about the best solution, not a non-thinking killing machine. The Ninja concept has been turned into a whatever.

By the way, who says ninjas are the good guys? Why not pirates? Oh! I see, pirates are associated with robbery, shipwrecking, illegal software distribution, and else (Arr, arr…). Ninjas? Spying, murder…

Again, important (and serious) companies don't need ninja or pirate developers, they need experts, specialists, people willing to learn new technologies and over every requirement, people capable of solving problems.

Looking for ninja, pirates, Jedi or Sith developers may be read as fun, but it is definitely childish. When you get hired you can define yourself as a Pokemon if you please, but when looking for a job, you are an expert developer, and you sould sell yourself as an expert, not a ninja (nor a pirate, nor a Jedi).

I feel a disturbance in my code. Better go and continue debbuging ;)

Jose I Santa Cruz G

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Polyglot software engineer at , amateur guitar & bass player, geek, husband. Not precisely in that order.

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