A Brief Snapshot Behind the Scenes of Orientation Leader Group Interviews

Group interviews to be an Orientation Leader at Boston College can be a stressful day for many. Trying to stand out, while still acting as if you have the ability to listen to others is a difficult line to straddle. Applicants have a full hour of working together, and then the evaluators debrief the experience they watch. Here’s an inside look as to what happens behind the scene of the mysterious life of First Year Experience.

Gasson Hall and the Boston College mascot, Baldwin the Eagle.
Stokes Hall, the building where FYE lives. Students walk through this door on their way to their group interview.
The Office of First Year Experience; quiet, the ones who run the office anticipate the new round of applicants coming in.
The room where the interview will take place waits empty.
The past OL’s and head’s of the office gear up, with their clipboards in hand, reviewing the applicants.
Applicants wait nervously for the evaluators to walk through the door to start.
Materials and the prompt are set up, about to be taken by the applicants to begin their interview.
Once the applicants leave, the evaluators review each student, going over their pros and cons.
The shirt that the new OLs will give out to the incoming group of freshmen.
Red Book; the book that overviews Boston College’s Jesuit Ideals. Freshmen will receive this at the end of Orientation.
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