Debunking Americas Poor Ranking in the Human Freedom Index

As an Evil Neocon who wants to spread Liberty and Democracy everywhere on the globe. A common response I get is “well Americas not free why should it free others when it cannot free itself”. And I am given the Cato Index of Human Freedom in which the US ranks 23rd.

In Personal Freedom:8.79
Economic Freedom:7.75
Freedom Index:8.27

Lets however dive into this.

The First Part of this Index is Personal Freedom. In which we rank 28/159 with a score of 8.79/1

Personal Freedom

Part I: Rule of Law

The first of those indicators refers to violations by the police or government when conducting an arrest or a search, for example.The United States gets a score of.7.07

Im not sure how this is remotely related to Human Freedom. However most police shootings in the United States are justified

But of Course the CATO Institute supports the myth of “Police Violence and Racism against Minorities”. I even have to agree with Breitbart in the fact the CATO Institute regurgitates Far Left Talking Points.

My Score:10

The second indicator refers to such issues as the extent to which police or the authorities respect the presumption of innocence, arrest people on genuine and formally declared charges, treat suspects humanely in custody, provide the accused full access to evidence, and the like. The third indicator refers to such violations as governments wiretapping private communications without judicial authorization.

Were going to need specific examples on this. Why the United States gets a score of 7.07 will have to be supported by facts. All in all this feeds into a “Fuck White People” “Fuck Cops” attitude that many Left Leaning Libertarians hold dearly.

Wiretapping is legal under US Law as can be seen with the Patriot Act and the NDAA bills singed under the Obama Administration. Both which passed the Supreme Court which deems it legal and constitutional.

My Score:8

The second component rates civil justice on such issues as whether it is free of discrimination, corruption, and improper government influence. 6.67

Watch Ben Shapiro properly debunk the myth of “Institutional Racism”

There is no Discrimination in the modern United States as provided with the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Any discrimination based off on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin is illegal under American Law

As for Corruption. Were going to need CATO to elaborate on this. Also were going to need an elaboration on “improper government influence”.

My Score:8.01 Its clear there is no discrimination as its prohibited by US law. And its hard to find Objective Data on Corruption in the Criminal Justice System. And were going to need to expand on what they mean by corruption in the criminal justice system.Do they mean corruption by ex KKK members joining and killing blacks?However CATO likely uses Regressive Sources such as the Huffington Post to base their conclusions on their score. CATO has not explained what it means by Improper Government Influence so its nothing to even address. Since this is not well researched I will give my score an 8.06.

The third component measures the criminal justice system on such issues as its impartiality, its level of corruption, and the degree to which improper government influence is present. 6.45

Again. Were going to need to expand on this. CATO gives the US a score of 6.45 and doesn’t expand on the reasoning. We are going to need them to expand on what they mean by “corruption” and improper government influence.

My Score: 7.80 (Median Score of Anglo sphere Nations)

By including the Rule of Law category, the index more fully captures the extent to which people are exposed to abuse by the authorities and is therefore consistent with measuring whether and by how much one is “subject to another man’s will,” 6.73

All of which is nonsense in the modern United States. If Authorities do commit abuse against American citizens that is unwarranted they are arrested. The reason CATO gives the US such a low score is to sucker up to Regressive movements like Black Lives Matter that gives the false impression African Americans are still oppressed in 2017.

Part II:Security and Safety

Im not sure how this relates to freedom once so ever. However lets have the CATO index explain it for us

The rights to life and safety from physical aggression have long been recognized as fundamental to liberty. Violence of any kind, except in self-defense or in the administration of justice, reduces personal freedom and, in the case of violence that results in death, eliminates it altogether. 9.48

So America gets bumped down because its a much more diverse country then the rest of the Western World? If you look at majority of Homicides in the United States its not you’re average day citizen getting shot. Its mostly gang members who are shooting each other. This category should be broken down into sub categories on how Scandinavian American communities perform in crime English Irish etc.

Because security is necessary to fully exercise the whole array of freedoms, we give this category equal weight to the Rule of Law category, and both together are weighed equally with the rest of the personal freedom index.

I mostly agree aside from the fact that Homicide gets thrown in. If we disregard the Homicide category all together all we are left with is Disappearance, Conflict, Terrorism Women Security, Safety. In both of these areas the US gets a score of 9.97 and a perfect 10.

My Score:9.97. Disregarding the homicide category all together due to the fact the United States is a large diverse country. Unless we compare the US crime rates to EU Crime rates or China’s crime rates once it becomes even nearly as diverse or even India that category in the terms of the United States is faulty.
Part III:Movement

The US actually ranks pretty well in movement. In both Freedom of Domestic Movement and Women’s Freedom of Movement the US ranks 10 in both. However in “Freedom of Foreign Movement” the United States gets a score of 5. The reason for this is because of logical regulations that largely keep Americans safe. Or also tax disputes

American Citizens are free to travel to any country. However this is not necessarily a good thing. Here is one American Citizen who traveled to North Korea and is now spending the rest of his life in a Labor Camp

There are some restrictions for those who break the law. However law abiding citizens are free to go wherever they please. CATO feels breaking tax laws is “Patriotic” and you should be allowed to travel abroad. However that’s not the case.

My Score:10. American Citizens have the right to enter and leave the country.
Part IV: Religion. Finally a Section in which we get full 10/10.No criticism here.
Part V: Association. Another 10/10. No Criticism here.
Part VI Expression and Information

9.05 in Expression and information? The United States garuntees Freedom of Expression in the 1st Amendment.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. “

Any Violation of Freedom of Expression is illegal under US law.

In Press Killings we get a 10 as we kill none of our Press Members.

This is an assessment by Freedom House of the legal environment that governments can use to “restrict the media’s ability to operate.” 8

Were going to need to elaborate on this.

My Score:10. The Press is given full rights in the United States. Even when Trump threatened the Press ad called it “The Enemy of the People” The American people rose up against this and protested online and in American cities.

The next measure is a Freedom House assessment of the political environment’s influence on the media, namely, political pressure over news and editorial content. It also evaluates “the vibrancy of the media and the diversity of news available within each country” and indicators of violence against journalists. There is some overlap of coverage among the above components.

All news is allowed in the United States. Even Foreign Propaganda like RT and Sputnik which has millions of followers. Bogus outlets like Infowars and WeAreChange are even allowed full access in the United States by all American citizens.”Political Pressure” does not stop anyones Freedom. And again why I hardly believe this is a real freedom index. This category shouldn’t even be included as there is no Political Threats of VIOLENCE against the American media by any Politician. Even Donald Trump. American media is controlled by the Free Market. Not the government. That specifically is why in the United States 6 corporations own most of the media. The Free Market the CATO institute masturbates to everynight

My Score:10.
Part VII:Relationships. The US recently legalized Gay Marriage. So the US gets a full 10. We can agree on this.

The US in my Personal Freedom Score gets a 9.50. Putting the US 2nd behind Denmark in terms of Personal Freedom. Tied with Austria.Adding this in with the existing Economic Freedom score the US gets a score of 8.62. Tying the US with Denmark at 5th place

Economic Freedom

CATO doesn’t expand on what it means on any of the second aspect so were left to do this ourselves. CATO likely got this from the Heritage Index of Economic freedom as they both have us ranked 16th.

Part I:Size of Government

We get a solid 6.41 in so we can agree with.

Part II: Legal System and Prop. Rights

In Judicial Independence we get a score of 6.92. I have no clue why we rank so low or even how this remotely relates to freedom. However my rough score would be 8.68.

In Impartial Courts we get a score of 6.38. I would bump that up to at least 6.88.

In Protection of Property rights we get 7.57 which is a fair score due to Civil Asset Forfeiture. I think we can find common ground here

In Military Interference we get a score of 6.67 which makes absolutely no sense once so ever. My score would be a full 10.

In Integrity of the Legal System we get a 8.33. Which again has no relation to freedom but this is a fair score due to the erosion of public confidence in government since 2008

In Legal Enforcement of Contracts we get a score of 5.45 which beats Canada and Britain so that’s fair.

In Regulatory Restrictions we get a score of 8.92. Which is fair.

In Reliability of Police we get a score of 7.89. I would bump that up to 8.42

In Business Cost of Crime we get a score of 5.76 for some unknown reason. I would reasonably put it at 7.10.

Part III: Sound Money

I don’t understand how in the slightest this has to do with freedom however…

In Money Growth we get a score of 8.17 behind Canadas score of 9.13. Even besides the fact we have a higher GDP Growth rate (No Inflation) and a higher GDP Per Captia Growth Rate.

I would give the United States a score of 9.20 in Money Growth. In all the other Parameters of Sound Money we can agree.

Part IV: Freedom to Trade Int’l

I can agree with everything here besides Movement of Capital And People. That category should be thrown out all together. International Travel is not National Freedom.

Part V: Regulation

Well I agree 100%.

So lets calculate how the US does in Economic Freedom,according to CATO of course.

The US gets a score of 8.22. Which is in fact not to good in Economic Freedom. However it improves our Overall Score

Overall Score:8.86. Putting America in 2nd behind Hong Kong. Hong Kong is hardly a country in the first place.

In all actuality the United States remains the freest country in the world. While we have some work to do we should never lose sight of this.

According to the CATO Institute for America to become more “Free” it would need to

  • Shrink down to the Size of NYC basically(Hong Kong)
  • Supposedly end “Police Brutality”
  • End Asset Forfeiture(1000% Agree)
  • Stop Supposed “Institutional Oppression of Black People”
  • Become Significantly less Diverse(Homicide Rating)
  • Become an Open Borders country with no travel restrictions.Even besides the fact US citizens can travel anywhere(Freedom of Foreign Movement)
  • Somehow eliminate laws and Regulations that influence media?
  • Eliminate Political Pressure on Media (Non Existent)
  • Stop Military Interference in Justice Cases?WTF?
  • Improve Integreity of the Legal System(100% Agree)
  • Have the Police Become More Reliable(Were going to need to expand on that)
  • Do better in Business Cost of Crime(What?)

Now CATO does in its conclusion say its open to Criticism.

The Human Freedom Index provides a comprehensive measure of freedom for a large number of countries around the world. Devising an index of this kind is a complex task, both conceptually and methodologically, as the literature does not provide clear guidance, much less consensus, as to the relative importance of the many different elements that make up freedom or as to proper ways of measuring them. Reasonable people can disagree as to the difficult but considered decisions we’ve made in terms of the structure and relative importance of the measures we’ve chosen. We invite them to use the data presented here to propose alternative weighting or structural approaches that seem more sensible to them. Because of the challenges in putting together a broad measure of human freedom, this work in progress is certainly not the last word on the extent of freedom in countries around the world. But we do think this index is quite reasonable and hope it will be useful in exploring and demonstrating the value of individual liberty and the ways in which it correlates with other aspects of various societies. Even if this study confirms some of what we expected to observe, it is worth echoing Milton Friedman when he referred to the creation of the economic freedom index: “What we have done is to acquire a set of data that can be used to explore just how the relation works, and what are the essential connections, and that will enable skeptics to test their views objectively.

This is the first real Criticism I have seen of the CATO Index aside from some who disagreed in comments online.

How CATO Measures Freedom is absolutely bogus. Drugs, which are legal in most countries doesn’t bump us down a few notches as some Libertarians and Progressives would agree. And our gun rights is not mentioned anywhere in the Index.

Canada. Lets start with Canada. A place where pastors have been banned from free speech for speaking from the pulpit? ? A place where where the right to spontaneously protest and peaceably assemble has literally been BANNED in provinces like Quebec a place where there’s a gun-registration because you’re not even allowed a handgun unless you extensively justify your right of self-preservation to the government just for them to likely turn you down anyway? a place where where freedom of the press is essentially non-existent with a monopoly on TV news coming from government funded media, and where the right to free speech… is not even actual right at all.

Most of the Countries listed above the US were never, from the ground-up, even intended to be as free of the US. The UK, a place where business can be shut down simply for holding unpopular religious beliefs. And of course access to self-defense firearms is all but non-existent. Same with most of the other nations listed above the United States. In Australia for example, criticism of Islam is all but illegal. Not to mention Hate Speech laws. Yet Canada and Europe and even Australia rank on the same level as the United States in terms of Freedom of Expression.

And lets factor in the Moral Emphasis on Freedom which is extremely high in the United States. In so which we rank 7th.

CATO bases the concept of “personal freedom” on factors like international trade and size of government that have very little to do with what most people consider to be freedom. Consider whether some of those higher ranking countries would even exist if the US did not exist, or the effect on their economies if the US did not innovate.

What is missing is that economic opportunity,negative liberties,creativity and entrepreneurship like we have in the US leading to innovation in business is a more highly valued freedom. There’s nothing in the index that captures “thinking for yourself” or a “culture of innovation”. Try to develop products in Korea, Sweden, or Switzerland as an example, or even in Mexico, and you’ll find that the lack of creativity and “can do” attitude is missing.

Overall this Index is largely flawed in how it measures “freedom” and very clearly biased against the United States. I agree with CATO on a large number of issues economically this is one aspect where we have to disagree. Lets hope with a quasi-libertarian administration after the post Obama Era CATO will finally rank the US at least in the top 5 nations in freedom. Well all just have to see in 2018.

As a suggestion to the CATO Institute. I would suggest setting up the website similarly to the website where you can define freedom in different ways. In so the US would easily rank way above most of these countries if we factored in things like Gun Rights and Freedom of Expression. And also take cues from the Heritage Foundation which we can compare 2 countries however encompassing the personalization option thats found on the Freedom in the 50 states website.

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