Crushing Your Social Media

In todays world social media has allowed us to connect with anyone and I mean anyone. You can start a conversation with anyone I mean even the President of the United States may respond if you hit a cord with him. You need to be proactive with your social media accounts because it is the actual manifestation of the law of attraction. The capabilities for the use of social media are extraordinary and we can treat them on a daily basis as ordinary. When you crush your social media you are not only setting yourself up for the law of attraction you are setting up a business that can monetized in itself. Your business now has a free marketing platform that can reach millions. That is power and positivity.

This is positivity to the max because you can attract all you want to surround yourself with. I mean think about it you can show the world exactly who you are and connect with like minded people. Your product is now not just confined to one little town it is global with the tools that social media gives you. You have the opportunity at your fingertips for data, habits and information never seen before. This is truly a positive field and platform. of course it sometimes isn’t used for that.

“Social Media Is The Actual Manifestation Of The Law Of Attraction” — John Sorkvist

An issue I wanted to address quickly though is bullying as it has become a major problem on social media. Kids cant escape tormenters and some people are afraid to post anything because of the trolls that lurk ready to pounce on you. I want you to allow yourself to ignore this and ignore the individuals on social media that bring hate. I tell you why because your idea and who you are is worth being out there. It isn’t worth you being silent out of fear of what other people try to inflict on you because of their own issues. If the tormenters on social media where living the life they wanted and were happy they wouldn’t be tormenting you. So for your life and business these individuals are worth acting as they are just air, and nothing to look at.

For your business this tool is positivity on steroids and allows you to navigate by categories, hashtags and for your thoughts to flow out into the universe. This shows the universe and the world around you what value you have. It offers jobs, growth and surrounding yourself with like minded individuals. Here is the best part also, you can do it from anywhere. You don’t need to know people to extend your network you connect with people and grow your content. It is a absolute marketing tool of positivity for yourself. When you are genuine and true to yourself it offers endless possibilities.

So this is a device that shows who you are in a concise marketable way, allows you to connect with anyone especially influencers in your niche AND an endless amount of consumers. So stop scrolling through social media for three hours a day and start using it.

Crush your social media!

John Sorkvist

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