Eliminate Fear From Your Relationship

John Sorkvist

In relationships whether personal or business we need to be confident within ourselves and who we are. If you are unsure within yourself you attract that energy, those relationships will be unsure themselves. This creates a fearful relationship that is filled with jealousy and envy. Since neither of you have that confidence within yourself, one of you or both of you will begin to use ego and control the relationship out of fear. It will create many issues and lead to an unhealthy and unhappy relationship. If this is you then know that there is better opportunities out there. You shouldn’t feel fearful or jealous or mad every single day because of someone else. You should first have the confidence within yourself to know who you are and what you want. Then you can attract what you are looking for in life.

“Know Who You Are First And Foremost In Life” — John Sorkvist

You want to discover who you are first so you can be sure of yourself and what you want. When you don’t know who you are the unease will creep in because you will never know if a situation is right. When you know that your personality is a certain way you can then acknowledge that you need to be in a relationship that fits you. If you are an introvert you want to be with someone that understand that you need your space at certain times. This careful balance of understanding of who you are allows you to find the right fit naturally instead of fearfully looking. You will also be able to eliminate your ego out of the relationship and try to be controlling out of fear of losing it. Instead you will just allow it to be.

When you understand and know who you are confidently then you also don’t need to put up much of a mask when meeting someone. Everyone kind of embellishes who they are a little at the start of a relationship just out of pure human nature to be liked by people. When you know who you are, you embellish a whole lot less. This allows the relationship to start off with upfront knowledge of what to expect and of course you will be liked by less people but the ones you meet will be more quality. Exemplify your unique qualities don’t mask them.

Remove the fear from yourself first and your relationships will fall into place. If you are so afraid of not having the perfect relationship your fears will certainly become your reality. You cannot control people and energy but you can control yourself so control yourself and your thoughts first and it will lead to not only a healthy relationship life but a healthy life.

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