Fear Does Not Exist

John Sorkvist

You have to understand that fear is just an illusion, I know a lot of you can be thinking that’s bullshit there are tons of scary scenarios that include life threatening situations you need to be scared of. Well I have been there, I have been in life threatening situations and honestly at the time it wasn’t fear when it happened it was adrenaline. When you are in the situation itself you aren’t afraid, fear is utterly useless it is a concept. You are only afraid of a situation prior to it happening or what people will think of you after. When something terrible is happening you just move, whether you are trained or not, it just happens.

This is why fear is only an illusion because if it is not involved in your situation when it is happening then it isn’t real. It is only due to your fear of what the outside world will think of you or what you think you should look like to the outside world. It is a completely fake construct made of other people reflecting their own concepts onto you. That is the illusion part because it isn’t in the present fearful state you are in. It is in the before and after of the situation that presents fear.

“Fear Is The Master Illusionist” — John Sorkvist

Lets take out the life threatening situations and just focus on something simple. Take for example an introvert that is forced to speak in front of a large crowd. I can relate because I am an introvert as well so I can use a pseudo example. When that person is speaking in front of the crowd in that moment it is adrenaline driving them forward you are just moving. Before the event though your hands are shaking and your sweating because of the fear. You are also fearful after you walk off the stage because of the reaction you may get. In that moment though you aren’t fearful you are pushed through with adrenaline. You basically become like the Nike commercial and “just do it”.

When you breakdown fear this simply it allows you to release yourself and live life just as you are. You also begin to use your unique qualities as your asset because when you acknowledge that fear is just a construct of your outside world you acknowledge it is an illusion. It is only due to what people will think of you which can suppress who you are. Now who you are is your specific asset allowing you to live within your truth, the reality of your life instead of living in the illusion of fear. Use this and accomplish what you desire in this life, fearlessly.

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