You Spend Your Money Everyday, Do It In A Way That Increases Your Success

John Sorkvist

There are so many directions we are pulled in now a days to put our money to work. The quote I love is from Jerry Seinfeld when he said “I don’t like my money going out to work for me because sometimes it gets fired”. You don’t want your money to get fucking fired, your in charge of your money you earned it so be proactive about it. You want to strategically place you AND your money in places that allow more to flow to you. You want to increase your chances of success so this includes a broad range of examples for different tiers but the most common example I can give you is that if you get coffee from a Starbucks EVERY single day than find the closest Starbucks that would have the highest population of your target audience.

“Don’t Let Your Money Get Fired, It’s Yours Be Proactive And Spend Wisely” — John Sorkvist

So for example, lets say you are an up and coming fashion designer and every morning you get a Starbucks cup. Why not go to where the best chances of meeting your clients will be. If your a trendy designer go to a Starbucks where the most trendy individuals will go to. If you are looking to raise capital for your business go to the Starbucks where the wealthiest people will go, or one right across the street from a couple of VC headquarters. You are spending your money but you are also spending it in a way that increases your chances of success. One day after going there again and again you can run into that person that propels you forward.

Spend your money at events, conferences and places that you know people have similar goals as you or they already have what you want. You are allowing yourself a higher percentage odds of connecting and networking with someone that can share knowledge with you. This again increases your odds at success. Sometimes we as humans become very habitual and it can be hard to break. You wind up finding yourself in the same place with the same surroundings not growing. You need to use your mind and what is available to you to keep growing and putting yourself in places with like minded people.

On a last note always remember to bring value with you. As your spending money in these places and interacting always be looking to help. It will allow the right energy to come to you and always pay off in the end. Don’t worry about getting burned, worry about helping. When you combine the art of giving and receiving to knowing where to spend your money you will be in a constant state of growth. This is the art of spending your money in the right places because you are already giving allowing you to receive. So pay attention to the little things and places you spend your money in places that can perpetuate your growth.

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