Finishing another hypothetical New Year Resolution after the minor ups and the major downs.

Dashashwamedh Ghat, Varanasi

This is going to be a long post where I will tell different things, and I’m not sure what they are.

For me, 2018 didn’t start off with a bang. Half of my 2017 was spent struggling with loads of shit. I fell sick in August during the phase when I started working as a teacher. Had to quit my job so that I can recover. I spent the last five months of 2017 with medicines, odd feelings, and skipping freelance projects. Didn’t talk about anything…

“Learning Python is easy.” Well, I don’t think so because I faced a lot of hurdles while trying to grab each piece of this language.

You definitely can learn the basics of a programming language without putting yourself into too many troubles. The same thing goes for Python as well. The basic syntaxes of Python make it easy to understand. But these are just the baby step. Now, the problem with the people is — once they learn to walk few steps, they end up imagining themselves doing spacewalking, but, unfortunately, that spacewalk ends up taking them into a void…

When I started learning JavaScript, I spent most of my time finding the right resource and places to study it in a good or bad way. I just wanted to learn JavaScript. I was a desperate and determined kid.

I’m not someone who started coding at a very young age or got his first computer at the age of 7. Everything came a little late in my life but, it’s okay.

Maybe in an another post, I may write how I started learning to code and started working, or how I ended up working for a few startups. But in…

Rishi Giri

JavaScript, Python, and FOSS Enthusiast. More at ~

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