Business and Bitcoin

Companies getting bullish on digital currencies!

Why would you start accepting bitcoin and other digital currencies? Simple answer more revenue and added customer base with no additional cost. Now wheres the catch or how is that possible you might ask. Lets take a look more into the digital currency space.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is available globally and has millions of users around the globe. This is also true for many other digital currencies such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. The space is growing exponentially month over month and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. So now we come to all the negative press surrounding it right…. Yes there have been some negatives in being involved at the early stages but now there are more regulations being put on the digital currency and more and more credible companies that have millions of dollars of investment in them coming into the space to protect consumers and make the currencies easy to spend and use. For a multi million dollar company this isn’t a game, this isn’t something to screw around with. You have investors to answer to, government regulations to answer to, and of course the general public. Bitcoin is more and more stable and is fast becoming the currency of the future.

Digital currency can be sent internationally at relatively low costs and can also be spent more and more openly cross borders at major retail locations around the world. Companies such as SNAPCARD are helping merchants be able to accept bitcoin without any risk to the
merchant or consumer. They take all the volatility out of handling the currency and take that onto their backs to enable companies to take full advantage and be paid out in their local currency. Sure you might think I am just pushing SNAPCARD but any of the large bitcoin companies out there such as Coinbase, BitPay, Circle are all here to stay and help make this safe and secure for everyone to use and accept. So now are we starting to see there really isn’t a negative side to accepting digital currency as far as a merchant goes? No well lets look at it this way, say you have international travelers and they don’t want to keep exchanging currencies to pay for goods or pay exchange fees etc, they invest in Bitcoin now by accepting bitcoin as a merchant you now have opened up the door to all of these people and enabled a new source of income along with keeping the customers more happy and an innovator by embracing a new technology.

Bitcoin and digital currencies are still a little bit away from being main stream but they are fast approaching and merchants getting involved early are seeing benefits and will only continue to see that grow. This isn’t taking away from current business, it is only adding new customers, adding a new source of revenue, and being a step ahead in the payments industry. If you are still skeptical or have questions about bitcoin or digital currency reach out to me. Ask me anything. Love to help everyone better understand the digital currency space and make this a fun and exciting path to a great new way of paying for items globally and helping lower the cost of remittance. Eventually remittance will be helped tremendously with the use of bitcoin and digital currencies around the world. If you are worried about accepting bitcoin, Don’t be! There isn’t any risk to you when partnering with companies such as SNAPCARD, Coinbase, Circle, and BitPay.

You ask why am I writing this? I want people to know and feel more comfortable with the digital currency space. I will be posting weekly to educate and answer any questions from the previous week.

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