Change Your Perspective


For Pollack


K = + 1 Space is finite
K = — 1 Space is open and infinite

The Greater Than
Strictures of structure lay waste my chaos.
Pictures of abstract and no known likeness
Pass under my intimations, like an ego un-caged — 
Words, not thoughts, are slipping,
No steely formula can hold it,

Nor will the ghostly Father marshal it,
That crass master to my flailing art…
To rhyme without line
To bed without dread

Too, too solid you…lie like
Pornographic doggerel
And lack of sensual enunciation;
Sparking radiant reds, full of pearls, and dead incantations,
You use them as if to whip a corpse and exhume a notion.

The Less Than

Rushing to
And rushing fro,
Any touch a blessing,
 Loops so amazing,
Yet I can’t discern the phrasing.

Embedded in deep structures, carefully measured by time and diminished sevenths;
Traveling free or imprisoned for the god’s sake,
Embracing the mutable, you declare: too little the same.

Too lately different, you cannot enter a social hovel
For the fear of bad dreams — dreams in which you appear
Scaring him,
Scaring her, 
Tending your resignation

Disreputable certification and accreditation have dogged you,
Handed out in dark corners by mavens and hucksters
For visionaries enough
Life can propagate,
Nature can claim.

But the yearning has lapsed…the apocalypse collapsed.

The Equal Now

Bind your progeny…it was spoken.
And so,
Slicing the last residue of hope, you equated the pain with honor,
A poor formulation for your art
Now it is left to you to
Roam free, deep, wild…
Where an elemental splash sustains the space — 
Within spheres of dexterity compounded with life.