Why Fridgely costs $1.99

I’ve always been frustrated with wasting things. Buying something, not getting use out of it and then throwing it away just bugs me. Most of the time, this happens with food. It’s really easy to buy groceries, stick them in the back of your fridge or panty and forget about them. Then, a month later, you realize that the food is spoiled and you have to throw it out.

It turns out that this happens a lot, and it’s a worldwide problem. The average family of four in America wastes 40% of their food. This equates to about $4,000 a year. Those numbers seem ridiculous because they are. Food waste is a real problem, and most of it happens in our homes.

This is why I made Fridgely. Fridgely is an iOS app that helps you track your food and know when it is going to expire. It sends you notifications when your food is going to expire and even shows you recipes with the food you already have. The entire goal of Fridgely is to get people to waste less food and save money.

And I think it’s pretty good at doing that. Since it came out in July, Fridgely has saved me quite a lot of money. I can tell that it is helping me waste less food, and it seems to be helping other people too.

For version 1.2, I wanted to come out with some pro level features. Mainly a dark theme and the ability to organize your food into spaces. I thought about leaving the app as a free download and then making those features an In App Purchase, but that would mean that a lot of my users wouldn’t have these features.

I ended up deciding to make Fridgely cost a $1.99 and have all of the new features and updates be free to those who bought the app.

Here’s why I made that decision:

Fridgely saves you money

If Fridgely saves you from throwing away just one loaf of bread or gallon of milk, it has already paid for itself. Since the statistics show that families waste $4,000 a year on food, Fridgely would easily be worth $1.99.

Apps don’t make themselves

A lot of people seem to think that apps should be free, and that’s mostly the fault of us developers. We raced to the bottom and made all of our apps free in an effort to get more downloads. However, apps take a lot of time to create. Really good apps aren’t made over night. They are the product of hundreds of hours of design, development, iteration, testing and thought. We love putting our heart and soul into what we create, but we need to eat and provide for families as much as anyone else.

I’m not selling your information or putting ads in your way

Free apps are still making money somehow. For most of them that means showing you ads or selling your personal information. I refuse to do either of those things. Advertisements are a necessary evil for a lot of products, but I hate the idea of detracting from my experience by showing you pointless ads that you probably won’t click anyways. And selling your information, that’s plain wrong and I will never do it.

Fridgely will continue to improve

Fridgely is a pretty good app as it stands right now, at least I think so. But I know it could be better. There are already three more versions planned that will be coming out in the next couple of months. I want to continue to make Fridgely better in every way. Buying the app helps me do that.

If you’d like to download Fridgely, you can do so here

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