Prosecutors have been literally getting with murder for years and it is past time for the free ride to end.
It’s Time to Send Abusive Prosecutors to Jail
Jerry Bowles

This is one place where I wish we had an “eye for an eye” law. If the work of a police officer or prosecutor or judge dishonestly convicts an innocent person, they should be given the exact same sentence for this crime. Up to and yes, including the death penalty. Because they have committed, or tried to commit murder.

This is important because the more exonerations we see, the less we trust the criminal justice system. If I were a juror, I would no longer take anything from a prosecutor’s case as true and trustworthy evidence. Hence, in any criminal case, I go in by default unable to vote to convince anyone “beyond a reasonable doubt,” as the number of dishonest cases is just too high. A society’s justice system will break until we know that no prosecutors are safely above the law.

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