What it’s like to be Unemployed — Part 2

95 days.. It took 95 days for me to get back to work. The road has been rough.. and the current political situation in America isn’t helping my morale. BUT it happened — I finally accepted and started a new job!

Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe. — Summer Redstone

My brief taste of early retirement is over..

Things happen when you are unemployed for 3+ months — Your alarm clock fades from existence, motivation seems to elude you, and the routine and structure that comes with regular employment crumbles. Your mood can swing dramatically throughout the day. The feeling of hopelessness comes and goes.. and finances are often stressed — which obviously causes and/or increases stress to a new level.

But I survived.

My original plan was to do a weekly update — detailing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences of unemployment here on Medium. However, my mood and emotions really didn't change much since Part 1..

A month (or 2) of training for the new job is ahead of me.. and I’m excited. Honestly, the toughest part about getting back to work is just getting used to “normal life’. Add to that a decreased level of motivation and soon mediocrity can become your new normal. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN!!


In order to be successful in this post-unemployment era, one must remained focused and relentless. Developing a daily schedule and a series of daily habits can be extremely helpful. Do whatever it takes to fight off complacency.

Keeping yourself focused and accountable is hard.. so here are some tools to help:

  1. A fantastic app I have been using to help with routines is called TinyGain. (currently only available on Android). The app allows you to set up a series of daily routines or follow popular ones made public. Daily reminders make sure you never forget.. which is easy to do. My favorite routine is the “Bedtime ritual to help you relax”. Sleep is obviously important.. and this routine helps you prepare for and increase the quality of your sleep.
  2. I also use Wunderlist to manage all of my tasks and to-dos. My favorite features are the ability to share lists and assign tasks. This allows my wife and I to collaborate on side projects, chores, grocery lists, etc. This app has done wonders for household productivity.

Unemployment SUCKS. No need to sugar coat it..

If your currently unemployed, try to remember : THIS IS TEMPORARY.

For various reasons, I have been unemployed 3 times since college.. and I can honestly say that each time I came out better than I did going in.

You WILL get through it. Your life WILL get back to normal. I promise!

Well… I guess it’s time to get back to work. If you remember nothing else, please remember this:

There’s nothing that will stop a person who is hungry enough!