Student Reflection: Your Brain’s API

This talk from PyCon 2015 by Sasha Laundry is a great presentation on how to give and get technical help.

As a new programmer who is loving the learning process at The Iron Yard-Greenville and appreciates receiving help from my peers and mentors, I will be reflecting on her tips on asking for technical help.

It is extremely important in any effective culture , whether it business or academic, to support positive communication and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

The novice or junior members of the organization should be encouraged to ask questions and constantly seek knowledge to build their competency and the senior/experienced members should foster an inclusive team environment where everyone feels comfortable coming to them when help, encouragement, and support is needed.

As a person who has been in public education for the past five years, I really enjoyed hearing her stories, from her time as a teacher, of reshaping her classroom culture and discovering how to create a more inclusive learning environment for her students.

It’s so important to ask early, learn from mistakes, to resist the fear of the unknown, and to grow from confusion. I loved the quote that “Confusion is a sign you are about to learn something new” because I love learning and am not a fan of confusion. The key to remember is that everyone goes through this during the growth process.

As you grow and seek support, demonstrating competence and monitoring your speech patterns are ways to make sure you get the help you need when you need it. No one wants to completely coddle another adult. Learn how to speak with confidence, follow up effectively on the advice already given, and be specific in telling your mentors what you need and how close or far you are from what you are ultimately trying to accomplish.

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