U of M Essay

It was in the summer of 2012 that I realized something big was about to begin. High school was just around the corner. I’ve gone through my whole life thinking only about what I’m going to eat later, or what I was going to do when I got home, or what video game was coming out that weekend. I never thought more than a couple months ahead of myself. Now here I was thinking about what the next Four years had in store for me. All I knew was that this significant transition in my life was going to change everything.

Ever since first grade I went to the same school from elementary all the way through middle school. It was at Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet school, where I learned most about pretty much everything. From social skills to academic skills, Capitol Hill taught me everything I needed to know. Capitol Hill taught me how to manage my time with homework and how to better myself and my community. Capitol Hill taught me the basics of how to get through school.

St. Paul Central

Just days before freshman year at Central began, I became ill with thoughts and assumptions about the typical “high school life”. What was I going to do? What type of person was I going to be? Am I cut out to do well? The first few weeks spurred confusion. High school was different, it was more extreme. What I had experienced in the past was nothing compared to the next level; school work was harder, I was drained physically, and I was deprived socially. I had to figure out a way to make things easier, I knew that once I became comfortable, things would just fall into place.

In the beginning when I first had no idea what to do, I chose to just go with the flow and keep doing what I had been doing my whole life. It didn’t take long for me to abandon my original plan. I had begun to think of ideas on how I could overcome the freshman hump. Being a pretty normal student, school wasn’t always at the forefront of my mind. My social life, along with “fun”, and procrastination was ahead of my school work. After all, what is high school without that school spirit and support at pep rallies or sporting events? How could I ever miss the new episode of “The Walking Dead” airing every Sunday?

Managing my time was the biggest concern. Though I knew the fundamentals of time management I still had to figure out how I needed to manage myself in high school. I turned to others for advice. Through the opinions of others and extensive thought process of mine, I finally figured it out. The problem wasn’t “how” I changed my habits, but “when”. It occurred to me that everything I do happens because I allowed it. I allowed bad habits to form for myself and if I wanted to break them I simply had to apply myself, be confident, and be smarter with my decisions. Having faith in myself, pushing myself to do better, and believing that I could get my grades up or finishing up my homework on time, was all I needed to succeed.

After the realization of what I needed to do, the transition became easier. I no longer felt cramped with my school work, while staying active in school activities. I had finally settled down and began to enjoy my time in high school. From there I just let everything flow.

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