Okay, who doesn’t love dupes? Yes, once in a while it is nice to #treatyoself on those high end products, but what if there was a product half the price, that looked the same, and performed the same? So far, 2017 has had some hot releases both high end and drugstore, and I’m here to let you know how much you’ll be saving with these awesome dupes for these high end products, and why they’re worth it.

Just recently, the KKW Beauty Contour Sticks hit the makeup scene and were all the rave in the beauty community. But, the sticks are going for $48 a pop. Don’t be alarmed though, I’ve found a dupe that is pretty darn close; the NYX Cosmetics Wonder Sticks — $11.99. That’s a $30 savings! Pros? Both the KKW and NYX sticks come in 4 shades, dual-sided, and have an incredibly similar formula. Not to mention, the KKW sticks can never stay in stock, so if you tried to snag ’em and failed, NYX got your back on this one.

Urban Decay brought the fire and flames with their newest addition to the Naked collection; The Naked Heat Palette. This palette goes for $54, but do you really need to splurge on it? Nope, because NYX Cosmetics has an identical dupe; their Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette — $17.99. Pros? Literally each shade from the Naked Heat has a match to the NYX palette. Plus, the pigment on NYX’s eyeshadows are amazing and feel high end. You do have to mix a few from NYX to match the Heat, but for a $36 savings, that is quite impressive if you ask me.

Marc Jacobs Beauty released their The Bronze Bronzer Brush #12 in 2016, and released a limited edition all white color in 2017. It is a soft, huge bronzer brush that will help you achieve that bronzed goddess glow. For $78 though? I think I’ll pass. Real Techniques’s Powder Brush — $9.99. That is a $68 savings! Let me repeat, a $68 savings. Pros? They both are fluffy and soft, similarly shaped, and apply bronzer the same exact way.

The cult favorite Too Faced Mascara Better Than Sex Mascara — $23, is loved so much by many mascara lovers. L’oreal recently released their newest mascara, the Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara — $9.99, and I honestly cannot tell the difference between the two. Pros? A $13 savings, the wands are almost identical, thus offering crazy voluminous lashes. Not to mention, the L’oreal mascara has that super cute pink colored packaging just like Too Faced. So, the next time you run out of your Better Than Sex Mascara, or if you were considering picking it up because everyone loves it, take a trip to the drugstore instead and check out L’oreal.