Fig Pays Out More to Investors in 2019 Than All Previous Years Combined

Average Returns Positive for Third Straight Year

The last year saw some of the most significant events since Fig first launched in 2015! Investors in several classes of Fig Game Shares benefited from major third party deals, Fig funded games Outer Wilds and What the Golf? won major awards, games like Homeworld 3 and Chorus ran hugely successful campaigns, and we launched a new campaign format for developers called Open Access. …

This was a significant year for Fig Publishing, Inc., as 2018 marks the second straight year we’ve posted positive returns for our investors, as well as a positive average return across all our Fig Game Shares for released games! Not only have we been the first to pay returns based on video game revenue sharing to public, non-accredited investors, thanks to our Regulation A Fig Game Shares, but we have also shown the capacity for a larger number of games to find critical and commercial success by leveraging Fig campaigns. We believe that changing the way fans participate in the…

Justin Bailey ------

CEO of Fig (@playFig) Former COO @DoubleFine - I love NES codes, #RPG , and classic adventure games #retrogaming. Please send pitches to

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