That’s a fair point.
Tanvi Kant

Honestly, I understand your point of view, but calling Naruto “sexist” based on the fact that Sakura has been useless to the plot of the show thus far is an unfair judgment. The character shouldn’t be seen as an insult to women, but rather an individual with flaws. It makes for more interesting storytelling to have your characters struggle with their limitations and conquer them. Not to spoil it, but as the series moves forward, Sakura will acknowledge her faults, mature as a person, and become a legendary ninja. Besides, compared to Naruto (a dimwitted vandal with a demon trapped in his body) and Sasuke (an arrogant emo who makes a deal with the devil to gain the power to murder his brother), I think Sakura comes out smelling like a rose (or a cherry blossom in this case).

You’ve watched the first 500 minutes of Naruto, so only 14, 050 more to go until you are current with the series (not including the 11 movies and various OVA). If you stick it out, you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable tale… just don’t expect a perfect one.

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