[04] I started watching Naruto and find it extremely sexist
Tanvi Kant

While I don’t disagree with your point regarding sexism in both comics and cartoons, I feel the criticism being leveled at this show is more than a bit unfair. The Naruto anime is nearing it’s 500th episode. To base your opinion of this saga on the first 15 shows is a bit like basing your critique of a book based on its first 15 pages (“Well, I read the intro of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and it didn’t seem like much was going to happen, so I stopped reading it…”). Not to give any spoilers, but there will be much growth in the female characters in the show, especially Sakura. If you’re patient enough to stick with the series, you will see female characters who are every bit the strong, loyal, brave warriors and leaders as any man in the anime.

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